Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Who is being served by TransLink?

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  1. City Hall has its armies of youth with navy vests bearing Mayors Council logos out on the march signing up pedesttrians in the Broadway and Cambie area. IT loloks a lot like the Vision Vancovuer campaign in November - certainly one ofi the faces is the same.

    Spent a minute with one. He's not interested in arguing - he's only putting forth the talking points listed on his sheet, at least one of which is demonstrably untrue. "A NO vote will mean no transit improvements in the future."

    It would be interesting to see if Vision Vancouver is contributing from its depleted coffers to this vote in some way - paying the the energetic young rascals to be there so it doesn't show up on the city budget....


    1. The 'energetic young rascals' might just be concerned North Shore Mountain Bike Association boiler room members who feel the need to support Gregor Robertson's crusade.

      Would the NSMBA care to comment? YES or No



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