Monday, March 23, 2015

Pavco pain

What happens when you've got a stadium that cost taxpayers more per seat than almost any sports arena in the world has cost the public and it's only needed a few days a year? If you're a BC Liberal, you trust your friends in the mainstream media will stay quiet, except perhaps to remind citizens of the PacifiCat ferries. Here is a list of stadium events in the last two fiscal years. The ones shown in red are events where paid attendance soared over 2/3 capacity.

You will find additional mentions of BC Place by scrolling through items linked here.

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  1. Wherever do those BC Liberal Party Press Releases go to when you need them, eh?

    Considering the total project value is about $365 million, and the interior renovations which have already begun account for $70 million, cancelling the BC Place roof would nearly meet their scheme.

    After all, here’s what the NDP have said about the new roof:

    “Government could actually look at not building the roof on B.C. Place.” (Carole James, CHBC-TV, Feb. 27, 2009)

  2. Here's a link to an archived Press Release of BC Place Roof COSTS at the BC Liberal Party Website, What is more interesting though is the Date Stamp of May 2, 2009. The Provincial election happened on May 13, and yet the Side Bar Slagging is written as though the Public was well aware of the HST forthcoming, that it was WELL published, dissected in an open environment. It was on the RADAR, obviously..... But El Gordo made the big announcement on July 23, 2009 well after the election (

  3. Nice work, Norm.
    I really wonder what it is going to take to awaken the people of this province.



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