Saturday, February 7, 2015

Readers speak

I had planned today to relate a story from a few years back, about what might have been rockets passing just beneath the helicopter I rode on a harrowing flight into Victoria's inner harbour. A time before that, I looked down the tubes of mortars on a barge near Sunset Beach, hours before the sky over English Bay erupted with a frenzy of intense explosions and the sulfuric smell of black powder settled over the section of followers I led into battle that evening, seeking a beachhead to regroup and consume rations of food and precious liquids.

However, after reading Persey's response to Lew in an earlier story, I was amused and felt less inclined to dwell on my own intrepid adventures.

In comments to the article Politics of opportunism:

The ghost of Charles Ponzi walks the halls of the BC Liberal caucus but Alfred E. Neuman is alive and well in the corridors of the BC Press Gallery.
Best single line written in a blog in over a year. Bears repeating. Regularly.

* * * * * * * * * *

After North Van Grumps reminded us in comments of Moxie, another icon of earlier days, I found the picture below. And no, it really is Moxie, not someone leading the last BC Liberal campaign. This was the cover of issue no. 51, December 1959, which came out when I was an avid reader of editor Al Feldstein's Mad Magazine.

By the way, according to Urban Dictionary,
"There are five separate pronunciations for "potrzebie," all of which are wrong.
It was a word used pretty much without rhyme or reason.

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  1. You planning on leaving for NBC?

    1. There might soon be an opening for another battle-hardened journalist. Of course, Geraldo might beat you to NBC.

  2. No finer. Certainly belongs in my Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.


  3. Please take a leave of absence.....and everyone will forget...... just ask Christy.

    Guy in Victoria

  4. Very good, I too think it is the best comment in a long time.

    Isn't Alfred E. Neuman coordinating the YES side? Isn't Charles Ponzi organizing the mail in ballots?

    Oh, my mistake, SNC Lavalin is!

  5. I don't know much about Mad Magazine but that person banging the drum in the picture sure looks a lot like someone seen in Victoria for a few weeks each year.



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