Friday, January 9, 2015

An internet sage speaks

Lew said... about prisons

I think there's a conflict of interest here. The government shouldn't be allowed to design and build with public money what might (if there is any justice) be the future residence of some of its members.

This Day In Clarkland...Hey Rubes!

Lew said... about one politician's credibility

Interesting that de Jong says the government accepts the report in its entirety but he's still reviewing it. I recall him telling us four contradictory versions of the Basi/Virk payoff in its immediate aftermath, so I don't put much stock in anything he says.

I also recall that he was minister responsible in both of these travesties, and note the triggerman wielding the pen in both was one Graham Whitmarsh.

The McNeil Report Into Health Ministry Firings...How Thick And White Is The Wash?

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  1. Cause I'm a player?
    Cause I'm a team player?
    privitize prisons
    privitize schools
    privitize profits
    p3 BC



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