Friday, December 19, 2014

Hidden subsidies to big business

In June 2011, Postmedia reported comments about Site C by David Conway, Community Relations Manager with BC Hydro.
When you get down to the cost per megawatt, this option even at 7.9 billion, this is one of the most cost-effective options for ratepayers in British Columbia." Conway said the cost per megawatt of energy out of the Site C dam will be in the range of $87-95 per megawatt.

"To keep that in perspective, our last call for energy for micro, hydro and wind projects came in at $129 per megawatt," he explained…
Since the capital cost estimate is now $8.8 billion, the cost of Site C power would be $97-$106 per megawatt.

That happens to be almost three times BC Hydro's energy charge to large industrial users under Schedule 1823.

So, when you hear politicians congratulating themselves for enabling the "greenest LNG operation" in the world, remember that all residential electricity users, rich and poor, will pay for the subsidies that allow foreign owned operators to ship royalty and tax free gas to Asia.


Doug Morrison, writing in the Squamish Chief about Woodfibre LNG, June 2014
Since liquid natural gas LNG plants are notorious power hogs, and this small operation alone would consume 120 megawatts (conservatively estimated from its 140 mw transformer, and known power consumption of LNG process “trains”), this comes to a subsidy of more than $80 million per year. Again, who will pay for this subsidy? The residential customers and small businesses of British Columbia.

It’s almost humorous that Giraud would quote private power lobby “Clean Energy Canada” frontman Merran Smith who says that “… Woodfibre LNG is off to a good start powering the plant with [subsidized B.C. Hydro] electricity, and that it sets the standard for others to follow,” because it’s also easy to see that if the rest of the proposed northern LNG export operations (50 megatons per year of LNG in total, compared to Woodfibre LNG’s two megatons a year) also “go electric” with B.C. Hydro grid power at the bulk industrial rate, our subsidy would then be $2 billion per year.

Squamish: the real LNG ground zero, Bob Mackin, December 2014
Pacific Oil and Gas of Singapore hired former Enron executive Anthony Gelotti to run Woodfibre LNG. Despite its bumph about being Canadian-owned, the company is ultimately owned by Indonesian billionaire Sukanto Tanoto…

Human Rights Violation and Violence History of Sukanto Tanoto, Wendy Tanoto
I have some facts to present to people in BC and Premier Christy who are thinking if they should support the Woodfibre LNG project and why I think Sukanto Tanoto is not a suitable person to invest in Squamish, BC.

In a sunny afternoon, villagers in Gading Permai were ready to meet with the management of RAPP to discuss the outstanding land disputes that have been going on for long. The villagers were panic and angry when the time arrived because they were faced with 300 armed private militarists instead of a peaceful talk with the company officials. Read the following article to find out what happen to the villagers.

Feeling surprise? Don’t be. This is actually a very common practice of Sukanto’s entities.

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