Sunday, November 16, 2014

Similarities, including the price

For roughly the same amount Pavco paid for modifications to BC Place, Poland built, from the ground up, Stadion Narodowy, a 58,145 seat arena and conference centre with similar retractable roof technology and parking under the heated, matural grass pitch for almost 2,000 cars. It opened in January 2012.

There is one other likeness to BC Place: the roof of Poland's national stadium leaks.


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  1. The ol' maxim you get what you pay for seems to still hold true in Warsaw - Vancouver not so much.

  2. Never build a soft top roof in a rainforest environment doesn't anyone remember leaky condos in BC.
    Quite the lobbyist content consultant.

  3. But how many Liberal friends got rich building the Warsaw stadium? I betcha more then a few friends of the Liberals were made millionaires off the 560 million dollar roof, How the F#@k does a roof cost $560,000,000.00 ? but the mainstream media still refuses to report on the fleecing of British Columbia by the gang of thieves in Victoria, which I have to wonder if the Province will ever recover after the 15year raping by Gordo and Christy. The only sure thing is my kids and who knows how many generations will be paying dearly for the reign of the Liberals.

  4. People do not comment upon it, report it or say it because they too wish to be part of the gravey train.
    Were we talking about some place with the same situation in South America we would report it as a banana republic situation & laugh from our North American superiority.
    The world is a tough place to do the correct thing.
    That said BC still acts the part of conquering colonists.
    We have given up all hope of a diverse economy & gone back to 18th century resouce extraction.
    The Conservative way seems to be the way of the easiest $$ with no concern for the future.

  5. Another similarity: neither stadium has a football team capable of winning the Grey Cup.

  6. well I guess we now know why ferries for b.c. are going to be built in Poland.



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