Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11 with Ian Jessop

More responsibilities but lower budget.


Practice for photo-op with Polish shipyard workers
Abbotsford company that beat the Mars bomber out of a provincial firefighting contract...

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  2. Those charts of yours really are worth a thousand words and you don't even have to be able to read that much. You'd think some of those lieberal MLA's could figure it out Perhaps they did and just don't care.

    The reference to the "fracking article" made for some interesting reading. They don't come any dumber than those lieberals. With the shortage of water in California and an unknown future for B.C. it just makes sense for the lieberals to want to use our water for fracking. Not only is the drought in California causing water supply problems for farmers, it is causing a lot of unemployment, i.e. no operational farms, no work for farm labour.

    The "best" part though would be, if the fracking, which some say can cause earthquakes, causes one to bring down the a dam Site C Dam. welcome to B.C. or Alberta, depending upon which way the water flows. After last weeks environmental disaster, you'd think they would avoid building more dams.

  3. And is anyone surprised that the dam collapsed. Too bad photo op and Gordo were not under it.

  4. Pre-post sat photos



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