Friday, May 9, 2014

John Horgan on resource revenues

This is from Ian Jessop's CFAX1070 program, May 9, about 1:45pm

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  1. Giving Mr. Horgan the benefit of doubt I have to ask why he is so in the dark as to reasons? It seems without Norm's research and time devoted to
    getting answers Mr. Horgan would be totally unaware!

    1. I talked with John Horgan and he impressed me with his comprehensive knowledge of natural resource issues. The matters surrounding resource taxation are complex and not made easier by the paucity of data and technical analysis needed to develop good public policy. I have discovered occasionally that data from one source is not in agreement with similar data from another source and I fear that, at times, government bases decisions on impression and philosophical bent instead of fact. I will write more about resource taxation but I find it difficult to simplify the issues sufficiently for this forum.

      Governments should find a balance point that maximizes public returns, not just from leases and royalties, but also economic activity, employment and environmental preservation. What I like about John is that he is not a thoughtless ideologue with immediate answers to every question. Without careful analysis, no person can throw out instant solutions that are also generally the right solutions.

      As Horgan's leadership evolves, we should hear specific suggestions for improvements to development policy. However, what we have with BC Liberals is the belief that development is good in all circumstances and that the best deciders of how, where and when it should be done are the businesses that advocate for it.

      That is like allowing your Labrador receiver to decide how much beef roast it should eat before it's had enough.

  2. Yes Norm I believe Mr. Horgan has comprehensive knowledge of natural resource issues also. May I say that I truly hope that as leader of the opposition he proves a formidable foe to the lack of respect and business savvy shown by the Liberal government under Christy Clarke.
    I recall an extensive interview with economist Eric Andersen prior to the last election where he explained the accounting practices at BC Hydro. In that interview he stated how time and time again he requested a meeting with Mr. Horgan, then energy critic, only to be left with no reply.
    I am skeptical but hoping Mr. Horgan will prove to be a needed roadblock to the rampant lack of regard for the people of this province. my eyes and mind remain open
    The time for Mr. Horgan to speak for the people of our province will be now, not prior to the 2017 election. I await this with anticipation.
    My father, rest his soul, put it best ' Don't take any wooden nickels'



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