Monday, May 19, 2014

Taxpayers, assume the position

Reader who goes by the name of Hawgwash left this comment at the earlier article, Subsidies for some, higher fees for others,
"I see Vaughn Palmer is actually touching this topic and even with the slightest hint of skepticism. I do though think he left the heavy lifting to you and just may have lightly lifted some of your details.

"A start, I guess, but he will likely be spoken to when the treadmill starts up after this holiday Monday.
Having morphed into The Explainer, Palmer once again demonstrates why he should not be called The Dean of the Legislative Press Gallery. Rewriting BC Liberal talking points, he is a pundit who adds a soup├žon of skepticism but conveys approved messages. Without that approach, lucrative speaker assignments would be less available, access to politicians and senior civil servants would become problematic. Palmer would have to work much harder to search for and discover real news.

Respecting LNG, in the face of outright lies and truths shaded to dark, The Explainer's headline speaks of "downward pressures" on LNG tax revenues.

Get ready taxpayers and citizens, assume the position. No trillions of dollars for the next generation. No bonfires of bonds on a barge. I know that, you know that, Vaughn Palmer knows that. He just won't write about it.
About this carping criticism of our $1.3 Billion provincial debt ... order me a barge, a bow and an arrow suitable for flaming ...


One reason Christy's minions have to claw back dollars from disabled single moms is so they have tens of millions to pay for public relations experts who dream up things like this new flag for BC: (h/t RossK)

I loved the comment from Mr. Beer N. Hockey:
" is about time BC adopted it's own petro-national socialist flag for the inevitable rallies to be held as we march onward into the debt-free Promised Land of Prosperity for All."

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  1. Palmer has been a political SHILL as long as he has written anything. He is constantly wrong, misinformed, deceptive, liberal loving and has probably been at it too long. He is stale, without real thoughts from real research, and is too limber at the waist with all the bowing he does.... pathetic and not worth a read

  2. Yes, what ever did happen to that crusading journalist who went after Vander Zalm and the NDP with such relish?

    Before you say he's been bought and paid for by the Fibrals, remember that in the early '80's he was a cheerleader for Bennett's scorched Earth policies. So I would say he hasn't become a cheerleader for Gorgon and Princess PhotoOp, but rather is returning to his roots.

    1. I think you are correct. As for the 80's, it was Marjorie Nicols who was the main journalist for the Van. Sun. She left and went back east and V. Palmer(I believe) took over. She was far too analytical and critical of the BC right wing so she had to move. Then VP came in and all is well. A good Yes Man.

  3. Yes, I wonder where the Vaughn of old has vanished too, as his clone continues to embarrass, being a complete shill for the BC Liberal party.

    In BC we have a complete nutter running the province, yet Palmer continues to ooze is support for Photo-Op and her evil band of foot-pads and cheats.

    I find it interesting that the Sun continues his employment even though it is on the brink of bankruptcy. But then, the Vancouver Sun is the party organ of the BC Liberals party and why I do not subscribe. In BC, the mainstream media prints all the news that fits with the Orwellian BC Liberal party, with unnews and perverted history. Evil ruins the land.

  4. Employee of vancouver sun went to work in Victoria .global Pamela went also and cc used to work at NW 98.

  5. Ah, Len Norris. Was there ever his equal on the editorial page?

    Way back when I was a VSun carrier (and proud of it!) I read him daily. His genius was in both the main topic of the day's comment and in all the little details in the background. You had to study the entire cartoon to get the full benefit.

    Thanks for resurrecting him.

  6. Vaughn Palmer was originally a mediocre to average music critic for the Sun, where at least his pronouncements didn't support crooks and child poverty.

    As to "Get ready taxpayers and citizens, assume the position" it must be serendipity or what Carl Jung called synchronicity that I only yesterday discovered a new (to me) acronym - BOHICA! (Bend Over Here It Comes Again)

  7. More Victoria jobs



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