Thursday, January 30, 2014

Please standby

For much  of January, I’ve not been publishing regular articles at Northern Insight but, rest assured, my eyes remained focused on news events in Canada.

I'll soon be back (according to Bill Good and his posse) propagating toxic waste and poison and making crap up.

Alternatively, I'll be adding my unencumbered voice to public dialogue about issues that affect us all.

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  1. Glad to hear it Norm, I was starting to worry whether you were okay or not!

  2. We miss you Norm.... looking forward to your next post.

    Guy in Vic

  3. Ah good, now soon we will have more real news back. One was worried that health issues overtook you or the 3 hacks somehow abducted you. Can't wait for your propagating toxic waste and poison and making crap up, at least to spotlight their bland, vague and insipid news.

    Cry havoc and send in the dog of war!

  4. Do you have permission to use Vaughn Palmer's image of a blogger? Remember, he likes to be paid for his creations.

  5. loved the cartoon, happy to hear from you. Enjoy yourself, take care, do what works for you. everybody needs a break sometimes.

  6. "Rest assured".......good words to hear coming from you.....not so good if they would have been from our "professional" journalists (or government for that matter). Glad the surgery hasn't presented issues and your eyes remain focused!

  7. Is the reason Palmer, Baldrey et al have been cut to only .5 of an hour on NW because that's how long it takes to get through PAB talking points?

    July Morning

  8. "Please standby"...I thought it meant Groundhog Day.

  9. what ron wilton said......

  10. Bill Good. Yeah we all look to him for investigative reporting... not!

    "Just read off the teleprompter, Bill...."

    Looking forward to more facts from you about our government that the Vancouver Stun would rather bury! Come back soon!

  11. Egads.

    We'll have to hope Global's Political Pundit Squire Barnes interviews the Premier I guess during your time away Norm.
    Take all the well earned rest that you can.
    Looking forward to your next Posts, as usual!

    Gary L.

  12. "Alternatively, I'll be adding my unencumbered voice to public dialogue about issues that affect us all." 'Nuf said!



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