Friday, January 10, 2014

Neither wealth nor splendor...

I was fascinated by Ian Jessop's interview Friday with Dr. John Helliwell, Professor Emeritus of Economics, UBC. Dr. Helliwell is an editor of the World Happiness Report 2013, released by Columbia University's Earth Institute. The report is detailed, free of ideological bent and worth broad examination by all.

Professor Helliwell told Ian Jessop of the major factors that affect our collective levels of satisfaction:
  • GDP per capita,
  • Healthy life expectancy,
  • Social supports for individuals,
  • Generosity of society,
  • Freedom of individuals to make basic life choices,
  • Trust for the people around us.
I suggest you visit the CFAX website and listen to the entire segment. Here's a sample that caught my particular attention.

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