Wednesday, November 20, 2013

They're awesome, so they say

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  1. Ads like these are amusing to the converted - as the last round of "Shit Harper Did" ads were. But until they come up with something that will convince citizens to turn up on election day I've concluded they are simply exercises in self-indulgence.

  2. If I recall, there was an advertising scandal during Chretien's reign.

    1. You are certainly correct with that observation. Adscam was more extensive, involving not just self-serving advertising paid for by taxpayers but also diversion of public money to people who provided little or no services in return. People who made ill-gotten gains during the Chretien/Martin years are still involved with the Liberal Party of Canada, ready to resume feeding at the trough. The party needs to spend at least another decade in the wilderness.

      It does seem that the longer politicians hold power, the more likely they are to commit unethical acts. The public can only be protected by full transparency and free access to information. Unfortunately, the Harper Conservatives are not committed to those protections.



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