Tuesday, November 19, 2013

They should have paid attention two years ago

News item, November 19, 2013:
"The B.C. government is disbanding its controversial Pacific Carbon Trust..."
Yeah, they should have paid attention to us, the humble nincompoops blogging in underwear, or to the Auditor General, members of the Official Opposition or others who knew this was another poorly conceived and incompetently managed boondoggle.

Again, we see that the party of big business is not capable of running any business.

My previous comments on the PCT can be found by scrolling through the articles linked here.
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  1. The twin to this nonsense is just arriving on the scene....MMBC ( Multi-Materials B.C.). The corporate sector's takeover of recycling in the province will cost we peons again. Mackin has done good work on this, but as usual, no one's listening.

    1. Is everyone deaf with their screens.?

  2. I note that MMBC have decided on a tiny charge on the biggest purveyors of material that has to be recycled, the newspapers, particularly free community papers who dump millions of pounds of mostly advertising on doorsteps whether desired or not. The charge for newsprint is suggested at 20 cents a kg. By comparison, I paid 40 cents for a 12.5 gram electronic device that I expect to use for years. That's 160 times the rate assessed Glacier Media and Black Press for stuff they deliver despite my requests it stop.

  3. I wish I could find some consolation in what my in-laws just said........"Say, didn't motorcycleguy show us something about this that some guy he knows wrote a long time ago?"....but I can't because they still voted the bastards in.....I feel it is my fault for not relaying the credibility of my source properly. Do I have to return the baksheesh because of my poor performance?

  4. This says they are not getting rid of the PCT, just downsizing it and putting it into the Min of Environment:


  5. Is everyone deaf with their screens.?

  6. unfortunately, they are not getting rid of it. Just moving it in-house into another department.

  7. Hmm... seems the BCLibs know a good method of ripping the public off the public, when they see one.

  8. Hmm. I was planning on getting carbon credits for not cutting trees down in my neighbour's back yard. I hope this change doesn't cause a problem.



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