Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The ever succinct Adrian Raeside

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  1. Here is a succinct story written by a self-described thirteen-year journalist (Paula Baker). It's currently running on Global's website.

    "One person was left with minor injuries after a driver accidentally launched their car into the side of a 7-Eleven store in Richmond this morning.
    The driver, who was the lone driver, allegedly lost control of their car as they were entering the parking lot of the 7-Eleven near No. 3 Road and Blundell in Richmond . The vehicle hit a rubber curb and launched the vehicle into the building.
    Three employees were inside and one had to be taken to the Richmond General Hospital with minor injuries.
    Due to a gaping hole in the wall, the convenient store remains closed and police are interviewing witnessed to determine what happened."

    I guess they don't employ editors at Global.

    1. Maybe they could bring in an unpaid intern to edit the written material authored by ace reporters.

    2. Looks like Otto Co-wrecked at work?!

  2. loved the cartoon, yes, she may need that 6th condition. However, she is already selling b.c. piece by piece to the highest bidder. The woman must be high on something to keep referring to trillions in royalties and thousands of jobs. No one is making trillions in royalties except perhaps the Saudi's but they own the stuff. If exporting all this oil,tar,gas was so lucrative then why is Alberta running a defeciet? If all this oil, tar, gas is so lucrative then why are the countries who have the stuff and selling it not doing better than they are? O.K. the Norwiegins are doing fine, but they don't use the money. its in a seperate bank account for future use, once the gas runs out.

  3. Incredible as it is, these clowns got re-elected. Spouting this so called we will have our own heritage fund when the LNG flows, mantra, these kleptocrats keep selling us down the river. There won't be a trust fund, or future energy sources for the province if these short sighted, misguided, and incompetent people continue to gut the resources of this province for their own agenda.
    Why anyone continues to believe this mantra in light of the over abundance of US shale gas reserves, Austrailian and Arab reserves, along with other world sources scrambling to take a shot at a so called LNG boom, is pure nonsense. Read the financial journals, the industry forecasts, there is simply something wrong with the logic here. Besides, if we ever get to a hydrogen based economy, why would you give away your best feedstock to produce it? Yes LNG is that feed stock.

    This lady's whole premise on LNG is based on the Greed of a certain group of insiders. The con is in, and she has to keep singing the refrain for her true masters....

    1. She sings what she is told to sing because she does not have the intellectual capacity to have an independent thought or even to realize and think through the resulting implications of what she is singing about.

      “The man who considers his generation alone is born for few. Many thousands of years and people will come after him. Look to these. If virtue brings fame, reputation will survive. Posterity will judge without malice and honour our memory.” Seneca the Younger



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