Friday, November 8, 2013

Puzzled or muzzled?

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  1. Pelicans taking up residence in the Victoria region, Humboldt squid washing ashore in the hundreds on Tofino beaches, anchovies filling the harbour at Port Renfrew, humpbacks resurgent in coastal BC waters along with the giant sunfish - we are watching the onset of global warming. In the northern and southern hemisphere, species are migrating away from the equator. In urban Canada it's not as noticeable, if it's noticed at all. The more remote and pristine the environment, the more apparent the impacts of global warming.

  2. Except that there's been zero measurable warming for the last 18 years, and no evidence that it's caused by man. You keep believing though.

    1. Good point. Your statement is further evidence that the scientific consensus on global warming is plain wrong.

      Need more proof?

      Environment Canada records show that on Nov 9, 2013, the high temperature at YVR was 9.4 degrees. Their records also show that on Nov 9, 2003, the high temperature at YVR was 10.3 degrees.

      Clear evidence that we're in a time of global cooling, not global warming. Despite 10 years passing, Vancouver is colder.

      Now that we've demonstrated there should be no concerns about greenhouse gases, let's begin a campaign to convert BC Ferries ships to coal burners. That should be cheaper than burning diesel.



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