Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bridge for sale, cheap

Province columnist Michael Smyth is technically correct about the status of the corporation, when he writes,
"B.C. Ferries is a private company that acts independently of government, even though the government still technically owns it."
But, if he believes the statement to be accurate, I'd like to offer him a great investment opportunity, the Lions Gate Bridge, which I'm willing to sacrifice for a one time cash payment of $10,000. Act quickly, Mike.

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  1. Smyth's investment portfolio may already be too bridge heavy to add another one. He may, however, be interested in ownership of the Barnston Island Tunnel.

  2. I made a mistake with this offer because I've learned that bridges, especially in Smyth's home base, usually involve much larger exchanges of wealth.

  3. According to Wikipedia, BC Ferries is...

    "Organized as a privately held company, with the provincial Crown as sole shareholder."

    How can it be both? Seems fishy.

    1. Said by Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty, “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more, nor less.”

  4. This is OT (not Old Testament) but I was grateful to RossK for alerting me to the twitter exchange with Baldrey and his supporter over your inability to understand the RTNDA code of ethics. BTW I went to their website and though I didn't search the crap out of it, I still don't know what the letters in the acronym stand for.

    1. RTNDA = Radio-Television News Directors Association. AKA: The Association of Electronic Journalists.

      In the USA, RTNDA is the Radio Television Digital News Association.

      The issue of the RTNDA's code of ethics, which our media friends dare not acknowledge, is the requirement to take no,

      " compensation from those who seek to influence news coverage thereby compromising journalistic integrity and independence."

      Next time the Edge of the Ledge trio are paid to appear in front of a quasi-public organization or an industrial/commercial trade group, ask yourself if they are in conflict with the RTNDA code.

  5. Somewhat unrelated, UK financial regulator warns against investing in carbon credits:

    "Find out how carbon credit trading works, why we think you should avoid investing in carbon credits and related markets, and how to protect yourself from what is most likely a scam."

    Doh! They should have warned the BC Govt!

  6. Except that the BC Government is in on the scam. It's diverting money from citizens and public institutions like hospitals and schools and giving it to companies like EnCana, a profitable private gas company.



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