Monday, September 16, 2013

Laila Yuile with Ian Jessop today on CFAX 1070

At 1 pm, independent journalist Laila Yuile chats on Victoria's CFAX 1070 radio with Ian Jessop.

Laila won't be there to sell anything, defend anyone or shill for businesses or political interests. You will hear honest, informed commentary about life and politics in British Columbia.

For a long time, Ian Jessop has been an observer and participant in BC political life. In 1988, as a veteran legislature reporter for CKNW, Jessop was appointed Press Secretary for Premier Bill Vander Zalm and he held the same position for the next Premier, Rita Johnston. When Socred days ended, Jessop became director of communication for the Liberal caucus, then moved into private communications before his return to broadcasting.

Jessop promises to offer a variety of voices with a variety of viewpoints.

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