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Pundit, partisan, or?

A garrulous right-winger, Alise Mills has appeared on CKNW, CTV, Sun News Network and CBC. Because she is pervasive, it's worth learning a little about her. In the preceding article, you can hear Mills discussing blogs that she calls "absolute garbage" but I offer information about her that is a good deal more specific.

In August 2012, the national network described Mills as a "Conservative political analyst" when she said on camera that British Columbia's free enterprise coalition was ending. Mills predicted the B.C. Liberals would lose the coming election and probably cease to exist. Talking after Kevin Falcon's August resignation, she said,
"There was sort of a lack of direction by the Premier's office. It seemed to be skipping from one announcement to the next and no real focal point. I think they've lost their way a little bit and I think that's more or less what we need to be looking at."
She stated that Christy Clark should fall on her sword to protect the right of centre coalition.

But, that was then, this is now. A few days ago, BC Conservative blogger Dean Skoreyko wrote about Mills in Another “Conservative” outed as a Liberal mole:
"And now we have another one of these BC Liberals in Conservative clothing who has fully exposed herself.

"Alise Mills runs around pretending to be a Conservative in the media when it suits her purpose such as appearances as a frequent guest on Sun News David Akin’s program Battleground like when she tellingly played-down the BC Rail scandal as an election issue..."
Inevitably, hired guns deliver their loyalties to people who pay the bills. While Alise Mills predicted the end of the BC Liberals and called on Premier Clark to resign, she's back in the fold trying to get MLA Mary Polak elected in a campaign against Conservative leader John Cummins and NDP candidate Andrew Mercier. According to Globe and Mail writer Justine Hunter, Alise Mills is currently Liberal Mary Polak's communications guru. (Note: Subsequent to publication, Liberal insiders said this claim was untrue.)

Mills refers to herself as a "crisis communications & issues management consultant & part-time political pundit." In the summer of 2011, she was a lobbyist for clients of accounting firm MNP, formerly Meyers Norris Penney. Sun business writer David Baines and a group of wounded investors once knew her as a director and vice-president for Veridigm Inc., a Vancouver company that traded on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States.

Baines is a highly respected business writer, long the bane of perfidious promoters skulking around stock investment scenes. He paints an unsettling picture of cheats, dupes and victims and Alise Mills was one of the subjects in How Louis Dion's much-hyped gambling venture came to naught:
"... About this time, Alise Mills, a Vancouver public relations specialist and occasional radio and television political commentator, became a director and vice-president of corporate communications.

"Her arrival was the first hint that Dion [recently sentenced by a New York judge to 4 years for securities fraud] was working behind the scenes. Two years earlier, Mills had held a similar position with the World Bingo League Co. Inc. (a.k.a. World Entertainment Corp. and World Mobile Network Corp.), which featured Dion as president and controlling shareholder.

"World Bingo was a disaster for investors. As detailed in my column last Saturday, Dion told prospective investors that, within three years, the company's online bingo games would generate $54 million in revenues and $17 million in net profits. In fact, the company didn't generate a cent of revenues.

"In June 2007, Mills announced "the upcoming launch" of Veridigm's newly developed game, Megaz Bucks, which she described as "the largest progressive jackpot game ever to be offered on the Internet."

"Not mentioned was the fact that the domain name,, had been registered the previous month by Kerrie Naples, who is Dion's daughter.

"On July 12, 2007, Mills announced the official launch of the Megaz Bucks game, with a "progressive jackpot that would begin at $5 million and grow from there."

"...In September 2007, Veridigm announced a master licensing agreement with Cannes Games. According to Mills, the agreement would enable Veridigm "to further position itself as a leading international provider of progressive online gaming software." No further details were provided

"Mills also announced the company would move its head office from Vancouver to Dublin, which she described as "a leading city in the online gaming software and entertainment industry."

"Mills said about 35 Veridigm staff would relocate to Dublin from Vancouver. "Our plan is take on an additional 25 to 30 people with software skills and see us eventually employing over 100 people," she said. (There is no indication in any of Veridigm's public filings that the company had anywhere near 35 employees.)

"All these boosterish announcements were difficult to reconcile with the company's financial statements, which showed the company failed to generate a single cent of revenue during the year ending Dec. 31, 2007.

"Furthermore, the company had no capacity to generate any revenue. As of Dec. 31, 2007, it had zero cash and its total assets consisted of office equipment valued at $3,471.

"So what happened to the $4.5-million financing that the company had announced in March 2007? Mills confessed in a news release in December 2007 -some nine months after the fact -that the financing never happened.

"She also admitted the company never consummated the deal with Dimensions Inc., which was supposed to provide access to a gaming platform that generated $125 million annually in betting revenue. Ditto for the deal with Cannes Games. In February 2008, the company announced it had removed Mills as a senior officer and director. By that time, the stock -which traded as high as 22 cents in June 2007 -had sunk to two cents..."
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  1. Thanks for the 'backgrounder' for this annoying and perfidious harridan.

    I cannot think of a more intemperate spacefiller on the CBC's Power & politics show.

    Her liaison with Mary Polak is affirmation of the 'old wives tale' that 'birdbrains of a feather stick together.

  2. Seems all the sleazeoids are attracted to the Liebreals like magnets. Quebec has nothing on BC when it comes to slime ball government.
    Excellent post.


  3. How do you putt the word "con", together with artist? Alise Mills.....(sorry April fools) but seriously where do these people come from, and more specifically, how do they continue to keep spewing their insidious commentary.
    Thanks Norm, for calling out another complete "shill and fool". Seems these folks are constantly hiding their true intentions.

    To think that she figures that bloggers put out complete garbage, take a look in the mirror Alise, your well on the way, to becoming another low life, political wanna be.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Comment deleted because it was off-topic rant aimed at individuals. If this becomes a forum for personal insults, it detracts from the intended subject. For an example, lookat The Tyee's comments section following Andrew MacLeod and David Beers' article about leaks damaging the BC Liberal Party. The comment thread was hi-jacked by a few people so they could fight their own personal battles. In turn, the page became unreadable.

    2. Its important to keep on topic and stay relevant.
      Anything else, demeans the blog, and makes it no more than tabloid trash.
      Thanks for keeping your blog on the cusp of truth, and maintaining a "civil" and intelligent form...

  5. That sound is Josef crying because you dared to speak the truth on his beloved Alise.

    Turns out she'll blow which ever way the pay check comes from.

  6. "Her liaison with Mary Polak is affirmation of the 'old wives tale' that 'birdbrains of a feather stick together".
    Another quote that comes to mind Norman is, "if you fly with the crows you are going to get shot".
    Ms. Mills is a Poster Child for "Follow The Money".
    Who signs her stipend monthly?

    Gary L.

  7. There has just got to be some kind of connection.....when and where were most of these people born....where did they grow up....what influences did they did they get where they are and how do they sleep at night......not meant to be personal attacks, but there has to be a common denominator that explains the hijacking of a pretty darn good province for personal reward by a relatively small number of people that just don't seem to have values....and for sure don't seem to know what it is like to get out and about

  8. Alise on Power and Politics on Monday was surreal. Her grasp of what really happened in this province over the HST is based on an alternate reality that I just could not believe what she was saying. She claimed that the biggest mistake was that Campbell allowed a referendum on the issue. Hullo??? He had no choice Alise as the voters managed to get the 10% threshold required to hold this referendum, also known as democracy.
    I wish I was there on this panel to help Brad Lavigne out as Rob Silver was almost equally as ignorant on this BC issue.

    1. It might have been a big mistake for Campbell to unilaterally set the referendum to the lower simple-majority threshold--the HST might not have achieved the super-majority required by the law--because it made him look doubly disingenuous: a few pundits did raise the question that this move might have been a trojan horse ruse to scuttle the referendum result. But hey, Gordo made a bunch of similar mistakes around this time, including the 15% personal tax cut he sprang on his unsuspecting Finance Minister, the repeated lying about when his government first started negotiating the HST with the feds and the blatant partisan interference by inappropriately appointing a conflicted "Acting" Chief Electoral Officer to frustrate the Citizens' Initiatives. He just didn't seem to get the new political dichotomy he'd introduced to BC, not based as hitherto on left versus right ideology but hereafter on ethical versus unethical behaviour. Each lie piled on the previous was like the next nail in his coffin.

      Ms Mills appears to have suffered from this same kind of fog.

  9. Ms. Mills has also had the knives out for C Clark, after having worked on Kevin Falcons leadership campaign.(remember the milf gate and also richard bransons comment, faux femme outrage supreme) Clark has a fed lib background and is reviled by the more conservative in the party The vitrol and hate coming form falcon supporters, and somewhat Abbots too, almost made a lot of fed libs walk away. A few times Mills and those who come from more right have predicted the premiers death, but she seemed to have had the last laugh in May, hopefully she governs better now with a majority under her name, then trying to keep the cpc from fleeing the party. Watching Martyn Brown eat crow election night along with some others must have been satisfying.

  10. Why do you write this bullshit about a great pundit and a single mom?

    Alise Mills is going to be a future Premier of BC and you guys should quit bullying Alise.

  11. Alise Mills future premier...ha ha ha ha ha .... she is a hack whose reputation Ottawa is not something she would really want to share...single mom doesn't make her saint...she is tainted by her own ambitious nature.

  12. Good to see you back Norm I have not visited for a while but I went through some surgeries and a couple moves I now live in the BC Interior moved from the BC East Kootenays. You have a counterpart in the East who I admire as well we three are about the same age/generation and thought of mind visit him. @ actually it is interesting his blog is called Northern Reflections and yours Northern Insight. Both are my favorites both you Norm and Owen on the other blog try to bring out the truth I humbly respect you both.

    Mogs Moglio



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