Saturday, March 30, 2013

BC Auditor General site down Mar 29-30

Since the website of the British Columbia Auditor General is inaccessible early morning March 30, and was down late March 29, I provide this access to recent reports from the Auditor General.

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  1. Lacking the diplomatic graces of Mr. Doyle, I conclude the Pacific Carbon Trust cannot be trusted, and every director and executive of the PCT must resign sans any indemnity whatsoever.

    Disgraceful! They should hang their heads in shame!

  2. This bunch of greedy bastards have to be charged . There has to be a law against this bullshit. We have to demand that the next government put these assholes behind bars. If they want rioters put behind bars for breaking the law then they must be held accountable for there actions. Whats shit for the goose, is shit for the gander. Can someone give us a list of contributers to the liberal party so that we can boycott there bussnesses. Then maybe they will get the message that they are not above the law.



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