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An old item, published January 30, 2013 and updated in March with an audio clip from The Bill Good Show on CKNW. Brought to the top again in October 2013. This one is an all-time favourite and after reviewing NW's April 2 segment, with the estimable Sandy Garossino replacing Ms. Kurl, this should be brought forward again. I could have written a new piece with new examples of falsities, but this will suffice.

Don't miss the later article, Pundit, partisan, or? Enjoy:

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Monday, in Something Big, Out of Something Small…, Alex Tsakumis mentioned a fact obvious to anyone paying attention, that Bill Good and his CKNW show are dependable instruments playing in the BC Liberal band.
"At the end of this morning’s ‘Bill Good Show’, the Vanilla One and producer Jennifer Gares, huffed and puffed about accusations that they take set calls by BC Liberal sycophants and plants by operatives."
Good and his radio friends don't enjoy being taken to task. It's not something that comes up often when you choose the guests and the callers and use a tape delay and kill switch to maintain your own dignity. Of course, ladies and gentleman of the corporate media don't have a kill switch on blogs, something they obviously regret.

It was on Bill Good's show that pundit Vaughn Palmer described his attitude toward bloggers he described as nut cases,
"Nincompoops ranting in their underpants is the term for people blogging, for me."
Two days after AGT found fault with NW's morning show, the host was still annoyed. Bill Good chose a segment to defend himself that ensured his defence had zero credibility and reinforced Tsakumis' description of him as "breathtakingly foolhardy."

Playing tag team with three guests, each appropriately described as a BC Liberal insider, just wasn't the correct moment to claim your show is not loaded with bias in favour of the party it is accused of serving so faithfully.

Let Bill and friends speak for themselves (the short audio clip portrays a bit of their emotion):

CKNW'S Bill Good, January 30, 10 am hour:
"[Producer] Jessica [Gares] and I have been, ah, oh, under attack, small attack, small people, small minds, I think, accusing us of, um, taking stacked calls. In this case, that particularly either favour the Liberal Party, or are deliberately hateful towards the NDP. And I try to. First of all, I say, what's a stacked call, or what's a planted call?"
Bridgitte Anderson, Alise Mills, Shachi Kurl  in unison:
Mr. Good:
"...Um, I'm not sure what a stacked phone call is..."

You know what I would say has changed? Not so much social media itself, like Twitter and Facebook. Blogs! The blogosphere! Because there are some that just propagate toxic waste, poison, and they make crap up!
"Mumble, mumble."
Bridgitte Anderson, former Press Secretary to BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell:
"...Some of the blogs out there are horrendous, the kinds of things that they say about people that are simply not true. But, then they get repeated and so it's that viral effect online. I would love to see if there is some sort of, I don't know, check and balance system, I don't know how you do that but honestly, people are starting rumours that are no basis of fact on blogs. They're just horrible."
Alise Mills, BC Liberal strategist:
"I don't know how they do that, I don't know how they do that knowing you have a family or that you have a profession or that you've worked sooo hard in your life and, those, I knew this conversation was coming up and I looked at some of the blogs and they're just garbage.

"They're absolute garbage. I mean the National Inquirer is a better publication than half those blogs out there, in political life in BC."

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  1. I didn't realize we weren't allowed to criticize Liberal operatives because they have professions and work so, so hard in their lives.

    Thanks ladies. Now I know.

    1. Black tower radio ,in a dollarocracy.Change the name to BC.

    2. Good link. I've long followed the work on journalism done by Dr. Robert McChesney.

    3. or had families. we shouldn't criticize because they have families? how dense is that woman? Perhaps they lieberals could lay off making life for families in this province and improve health care for children, seniors, education, Perhaps they could implement a few rules so landlords can't take advantage of families looking for adequate housing. perhaps they could have a better day care system, for families.

  2. Norm, you have Bill Good pretty accurately figured out. He cast his lot a good many years back. We used to see this stuff all the time in Quebec in the 50s and 60s. It's now stock in trade in other provinces, including British Columbia. Good is a consummate "go along to get along" guy. He's embedded.

  3. It's not just the manipulation of the incoming calls,the selective guests etc., but also the cheer leader support he gives to Liberal supporters and the disdain he has of any criticism or valid questions of the Liberals obvious shortcomings, hypocrisy, and deceptions that are obvious to everyone except him. When it comes to the Liberals, he may touch on some of these issues/traits, so he can claim he is showing no bias, but he never follows through in any depth or critical accountability.His whole tone and approach changes. however,to the point of rudeness when NDP callers phone in or NDP quests are on his show. His defensiveness is in direct proportion to the truth of his bias.

  4. I would say that Vaughn Palmer has an unhealthy obsession with underpants.

  5. Just recently I heard Bill Boring say; "the Canada line is soooo successful, like Granville St. is empty of cars and the taxi companies are complaining." But, it is just not a one time comment, everytime the subject of the Canada Line comes up, he repeats the same bumf!

    The Canada line carries about 110,000 passengers a day, which many are $1.00 a day U-Pass holding students who use the metro many times a day. In Europe, the threshold that ridership must pass before a subway is considered is around the 400,000 passengers a day mark. And you are surprised that TransLink is in financial trouble?

    (The "Eye" lives in South Delta and TransLink again has reduced bus service in the area and no, it is not the 609 or Wally-Wagon that no one uses and roams the streets empty all day, it is the rush hour bus service that has been reduced because the thousands of drivers that would switch from car to transit because of the Canada line did not materialize! I bitch about this because the more SkyTrain that is built, the fares go up, my taxes go up, and the bus service goes down!)

    I have been delivering friends to YVR of late and I have noticed the taxi's doing a very healthy business and the lightly used Canada Line trains I have seen come in had aircrew, and people NOT carrying luggage, many of whom seem to be workers.

    As far as I can see, Granville St. is just as congested as before, with the only difference is that the B-Line buses are no more.

    I wonder if Bill Boring is a regular user of the Canada Line or has shares in SNC Lavalin?

  6. Alise: " I knew this conversation was coming up and I looked at some of the blogs and they're just garbage."

    As if she's not well-acquainted with the most-read BC political blogs, that she actually had to look at them to see what they were all about.

    Perhaps she'll put a stop to the Attack-Adrian ads, as he has worked sooo hard in his life.

  7. I would love to see if there is some sort of, I don't know, check and balance system, I don't know how you do that but honestly, people are starting rumours that are no basis of fact on blogs. They're just horrible."

    When you lay with dogs you get fleas! ROFLMAO

  8. I would challenge the individuals in this group to identify which blogs they take issue with. And why. Otherwise it seems the agenda is simply to deflect people from doing their own research and evaluating the credibility of information on their own. And that is pretty pathetic - Merv

  9. Blanket condemnation of any information/news source other that nw seems to be the commonality running through their mindset.

    Good by addressing the issue of stacked calls lends credibility to the issue and his further protestations of the matter are a sign of guilt.

    The offensive part is where Good and his merry band of sycophants play the victim card.

    “Oh we have been so maligned by those horrible bloggers” how dare they actually have an opinion on what we do. (An opinion that is not the one we tell them to have)

  10. A shill, is a shill, etc...etc... If you think that blogs and the people that participate in them are "just garbage", I think you'd better wake up and admit you've "insulted"at least a million or more people. I "get it " that you cannot " fathom" why the public in general, is incredibly angry, with the past 11 years of "perceived" corruption and malfeasance that your party calls "progress".

    Wake up...smell the coffee and realize that "true progress would be for everyone," not a select few, elitists and a group of wealthy party contributers, and organizations.

    Your arrogance...indicated by the blind belief that you cannot or have not done anything wrong, is a true deception on your part.

    What kind of people really believe this type of rhetoric, especially when its obvious to the rest of us, that there is something really wrong with the optics of the BC Liberals, as a whole.

    Give your collective heads a good shake,... wake up from the stupor your in...

    Welcome to the "new normal" in this province....most people do not believe the MSM, or corporate media in BC. Your past 11 years of shilling has brought you to this point, no matter what you say.

    How can we possibly believe you....especially now?

  11. Hi Norm ,huge fan here.Interesting to me how these mental midgets at nw do not name anyone directly or reference a specific story they disagree with. Guess that way they do not have to debate or explain themselves.What i hated the most about Good is how he plays dumb on cue.Stopped listening to that childish drivel long ago.Like thousands of others my age (fifties)sites like yourts are where we get the facts and figures unfiltered by payola.

  12. Bill Not-So-Good is a hack and a shameless Liberal shill. Completely out of touch with reality and obviously has no soul.

    For him and his pro-Liberal panels to constantly swoon for this corrupt and incompetent government confirms I'm much better off staying away from that crap broadcasting that eminates from the Big Black Tower.


  13. The humorous part is the fact that Good and his supporters in the booth claim they have no knowledge of bloggers, or the content of political blogs, but have a segment in the show on what bloggers accuse them of. The irony is not lost on anyone with a brain to think with.

    Maybe Karnac is in the booth too…..add the word “Liberal politician” to the title of this video

  14. "Nattering Nabobs of Negativism" was already attributed so ""Nincompoops ranting in their underpants is the term for people blogging, for me" was the best Vaughn could apparently come up with.

    Norm, I think you really have here is the basis of a replacement sitcom for WKRP in Cincinatti.

    And the best part of it is: this stuff writes itself.

    You're going to be RICH!!!!

  15. Times are changing,used to be only 20 some years ago we didn't have the wealth of information we now have readily available to us on the internet.We were reliant on the MSM for information and news .That was a big part in what we used to form an opinion .They could pretty much control what the public new and controlled somewhat or a lot of public opinion.
    Now with the wealth of information we have available on the internet ,people are investigating for themselves and finding more information to form an opinion on.This election could be different as people are more informed than ever before .The Bill goods out there will have a minimal impact as people find out for themselves weather or not they know what they are talking about.
    Anyone with any common sense and any form of intelligence will read blogs and be able to differentiate between wheat and chaff. So I take the nincompoop ,nut cases comments from them as an insult to my intelligence .

  16. I've challenged various 'NW hosts and reporters, including Mr. Good, with specific examples of what they call "made up crap", and none of them have been able to discredit or disprove any of my examples, or answer fairly-asked questions about current events they aren't covering. Sean Leslie in particular has earned my contempt for his lack of journalistic integrity. "BC's News Leader?" Yeah Norm, ROTFL!

  17. Mr. Good:

    "...Um, I'm not sure what a stacked phone call is..."

    That folks is a bald faced lie.

    You know it, I know, but more importantly Mr.

    Good knows it.


  18. Being a BC Liberal means never having to say you're sorry

    Mind you, Norm, Bill does have a point. I'm envisioning you in your underpants and tee shirt, coming up with the graphs in the most recent post.


    Must say, though, I quite enjoy the "absolute garbage" that you manage to come up with pretty much daily!

    Keep up the (Bill) Good work!


  19. To prove your point, this morning (Thursday) Bill Good hosted Sean Leslie, NW's Liberal in Victoria, to explain the faults of the NDP opposition and how they would be a worse choice to govern.

  20. Have we come to the point where those that listen to CKNW & Mr Good do so for the laugh?
    The programme mentioned was a riot ! pure bunkum.
    Were it not for the Blogs we would have NO news.
    To Mr Good....
    If you have a problem with Blogs; please let us know which Blog & what are the lies you say they convey? And PROVE IT.

    1. If he had any backbone, he'd have Alex, Harvey, and Norm on as a panel to discuss the issue instead of the BC Liberals Ladies Auxiliary...

    2. I look at Willy Good and crew as comedy relief similar to WKRP. Both good for a chuckle but not to be ever believed.

      Good knows that if the public ever heard Alex, Harvey, and Norm on CKNW Willy would most likely be history and would have much more time to be with his family.

  21. If the blogosphere is so full of lies about various people then why have there been no lawsuits brought forth by the supposed maligned subjects? Although most of the comments are posted by unknowns, the bloggers are known.

    I think what we were really hearing is the whining of people that have come to realize that fewer and fewer people are buying what they are selling.

    1. You got that right. The only one who ever threatened me with a libel suit was Warren Kinsella and he was merely trying to intimidate. He had no grounds for legal action.

    2. Good point big time Crankypants. When I was a fan of Christy Clark long ago, I asked why not sue if these guys are lying... well they didn't sue did they?

      Let's let Cute Canute sit with all her plastic surgery against the Orange Tide and see what happens...

  22. the salamanders of Ontario are weeping with laughter, Norm ! The Carson skit ruled ! It was perfect.. just like Harper - Clark - Fed - Prov - he lied - she lied - they all lie.. howling satire of how it really is.

    Us salamanders don't get much TV, so we aint got much comment on Mr Good.. bad or good... or Ms Gares, good or bad.. tho she does have big hair. Down here in 3rd world Ontariario we is stricken by teh Dutchess Harper Disease cuz we are so close to Ottawa we can smell the stink.

    We heard it on the grapevine that the Royal Reform Harper Ethical Oil Sands (formerly the tar sands) are going to pound dilbit pipeholes to the east coast.. We thought it wuz going to be the Royal Harper West Coast Pipeholes or the Royal Harper Northwest Passage Fast Freight Train To China ! ?

    You're a star to steer by Norm ... and we luv your blog

  23. Mr. Palmer's statement seems to show the workings of a very, thin, shallow and narrow mind.
    I would ask the good Mr. Palmer when he is tweeting, facebooking, twittering that immediate thought that only comes at 3 a.m. does he always make sure he is in full garb?
    Where do you draw your reasoning from sir??
    CKNW is bias to the max degree on the side of the BC Liberals, it only takes ears to listen and a mind with average intelligence to see this.
    The likes of mr. Palmer are no more than paid participants in this obvious scam. Best to realize this and move on.

  24. New truth in radio for bc at last . AGT is on and his first broadcast crashed the listen live button.

    Time for truth and can almost see les brals cringing.

  25. Alise Mills said "They're absolute garbage. I mean the National Inquirer is a better publication than half those blogs out there, in political life in BC.". Actually Alise, the National Enquirer have better stories than NW, Bill Good or Sean Leslie have. Good bye and good riddance NW.

    1. Oh now, come on Alise Mills cannot tell a lie. She is a professional pundit as great as Wayne Gretzky. In fact, she carries a truth machine around that would buzz if she lied called a Crackberry.

      There you go Ron. I'm one of her biggest fans who suffers through CKNW - which treats people who don't love Premier Cute Canute like dirt - just for the sunshine shining through the radio.

      BTW, you can watch her take Christy Clark to the cleaners:

  26. Alise Mills cannot tell a lie...

    Alise Mills is perfection personified...

    Alise Mills is the only reason why I suffer through CKNW for about 40 minutes. She's the sweetest, smartest, strongest pundit of all time.

    Alise Mills therefore is right. As such the other half includes Northern Insights & (and are pefect blogs.

    Now would you like the Alise Mills Mantra with that? We can arrange that pronto.

    1. Apparently, there are two Alise Mills. The imaginary one about whom you fantasize and real the one who pretends to be a Conservative one day, a BC Liberal on another and a political independent whenever that suits her purposes. Her silliness about blogs was fully revealed during the segment on the Bill Good Show. I've heard her state that she never reads blogs but, oddly, she has a firmly held opinion that about half of them are worse than worthless. Forming an opinion like that would take considerable time. Of course, there is always the possibility that complaining about blogs and bloggers is just part of the jobs she's paid to do.

      BTW Josef, you've reached your limit here for comments regarding Ms. Mills. Time to move on to your next obsession.

    2. "Go sell crazy somewhere else...we're all full up here"

      - Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets

  27. Just as we see no stacked calls this morning as blathering Bill once again tells us how bad the PST is. All the calls pretty well damned us for getting rid of the HST. Some like my cable bill will not change as what would have been saved now gets integrated into cable companies profits. Some fast food restaurants also raised prices by the amount saved, but remember those calls were not stacked and Bill is not a sore loser. Lifetime award bah humbug.

  28. Norm I found interesting this- "Alise Mills, BC Liberal strategist:"

    Our embarrassment Alise participated in a panel discussion this morning on the CBC Radio (either Daybreak South or the Current) and was identified as a "Conservative Commentator."

    Of course I wasn't surprised as I see little difference, if any between HarperCons and BC LIEberals. The BC LIEberals should be prosecuted for false impersonation and the Harper Cons should never be referred to as Tories, it is insulting to too many Tories over the decades.

    1. At that time, she was representing herself as a BC Liberal strategist, even a "media guru" to certain Fraser Valley Liberal members, although apparently she was the only one to hold that opinion. One thing is clear, there is no shortage of political operatives with stories to tell about this would-be pundit. One told me that Ms. Mills is invited onto media platforms because they're more interested in comments that are outrageous than comments that are fair, insightful and accurate.

  29. I'm glad to see Alex Tsakumis' name mentioned by you; I was wondering -- ?
    I was an avid follower of his blog but quite a few weeks ago was stopped from reaching his site - the message I got was "webpage suspended." I can't see his archival articles let alone read anything new from him.
    Do you have any information about him that you can share?

    1. We have to wait patiently for Alex to emerge. Considering the time needed to research new material and stay current on existing issues, I've been amazed, particularly because of his young family and busy private career, at the quantity and quality of Alex's many contributions.

      I suspect that Alex is catching up on personal and business affairs but will return to the spotlight before long.

    2. Hopefully. At least with AGT, he's balanced even though he is right wing which is a relief from the left wing blogs and so called "alternative media" that are infesting the alternative media sources. Alex has gone after the NDP and Liberals in ways that make other blogs like high school social blogs. Real factual research there, not bending or selective research.

    3. Thanks for your reply Norm!
      And that said, I'm glad you've started posting again - I missed reading you too!

  30. Alise Mills: "...I looked at some of the blogs and they're just garbage.

    "They're absolute garbage. I mean the National Inquirer is a better publication than half those blogs out there, in political life in BC."

    Bloggers like Tsakumis and Norm et al break stories that the MSM are sometimes forced to piggy-back on if they are too keep up the pretense that they too, do investigative journalism . The National Inquirer reference is tired, and lazy: the National Inquirer likely saved the US from another Presidential sex scandal by exposing John Edward's baby mama and cover-up, and won a Pulitzer as result:

  31. Bill Good doesn't know about stacked calls? So, it's just coincidence that Friday sessions with Palmer and Baldrey always feature the same callers?

  32. CKNW,s latest Liberal promotion is about BC jobs!!
    They are interviewing people with a personal stake in oil & gas extraction & calling it job creation.
    The latest 'promoter' sggested that thousanads of jobs would be created by manufacturing the oil & gas plants here in BC.
    He should tell that to BP who say they will have gas plants built in Korea.
    The big dissapointment is Simi Sara who now tows the CKNW party line .

    1. CKNW's jobs promotion is an extended infomercial for:

      Business Council of British Columbia - Members

      Lincoln might have written,
      "... government of the BCBC, by the BCBC, for the BCBC..."

      Bill Good's show runs around 10th in his time slot. Quite a change from the days of Webster, Bannerman and Mair.

      They should bring Shirley Stocker back from retirement. Quickly!


  33. Much as I thoroughly enjoy Northern Insight and its commenters, I still miss Tsakumis.

    Is his health OK? Given his zeal, something very important must have caused him to lay low for a while...

    Sure hope somebody in power didn't catch him with a sheep (figuratively, of course)

  34. What ever happened to Alex Tsakumis? I have heard rumors, but nothing else.



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