Monday, January 7, 2013

Message to Christy Clark

Anita Roddick, billionaire businesswoman, activist and founder of The Body Shop, said that when leaders are not ethically sound, innovation coming from them,
"Is only innovation on puffery."
Puffery, for people not paying attention to Terry O'Reilly's Age of Persuasion, is,
"exaggeration as to the degree of quality of a product."

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  1. Very good commentary from an intelligent and sophisticated business woman.

    Take Integrity and accountability, out of the equation, throw in deception, arrogance and malfeasance, and you get the "nightmare", this province has descended into, politically.

    What happened to balance and transparency?

    Truly bereft of any concept of "moral, governance, the current regime, is without ethics, and not fit to govern.

  2. Speaking of Crispy and her puffery, Norm, what are we to make with her fracked gas obsession given the Cornell U research showing that fracked shale gas, in the context of overall greenhouse gas emissions, can be 20% more carbon intensive than coal. Apparently fracked gas creates no end of leakage both through the initial drilling and gas escaping through the ground. The gas, methane, is a vastly more powerful GHG than CO2.

    Clark is racing to get LNG from the northeast out via Kitimat to Asia where it commands far higher prices than America's currently (temporarily) glutted gas markets.

    If the Cornell research is accurate, Clark is going to utterly blow through our province's carbon emissions targets. We may become that for which we have so long castigated Alberta.

    1. Worrying about GHG or CO2 makes the head hurt and energizes injected botulinum toxins.



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