Thursday, January 3, 2013

As life moves on

The holidays are over, a season that pleased even the newcomer, grandchild #6, grand-daughter #2, from our youngest son and his wonderful wife.

I'm an old guy, a baby-boomer wearing out. But I care about BC for future generations. Can anyone doubt why we need steady hands guiding British Columbia?

Regular readers will know that we've been involved in a major house renovation for months. After a pause for the holidays, the contractors are back working on phase 2, which is to add a second story over the existing one story part of our house. That includes the attached garage, a segment of the house that is disappearing this week.

The good news is that our new furnace is working, the new kitchen is complete and the foundations are underpinned. We had a few bumps along the way in design and engineering but after changes, we have people working on the project whom we trust.

If you need a capable builder, get in touch with George of Bamford Construction (604) 986-2871. We also thank Mike Shafai of Tash Engineering (604) 986-2256, a structural expert who turned previous confusion into practical direction.

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! Your lovely grandbaby is definately why we all need to take heed and change directions.

    I soooo feel for you but good to hear the reno's are going well. Painting my high walls was hard I couldnt imagine pulling off roofs and creating new additions!

  2. The kid looks great! Congrats. You are a very brave pair doing such a major reno. And through it all you continued to blog. No one even reported you had a nervous breakdown during the renos. Must be a deep gene pool.



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