Friday, January 4, 2013

After millions spent on advertising

Today's report from Statistics Canada:
"In British Columbia, employment was little changed in December and the unemployment rate declined 0.3 percentage points to 6.5%. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment was little changed."
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  1. Holy Chloe, Clark's BC Liberal Party is not even given an honourable mention by Stats Can.

    It appears, here in BC, our tax dollars were wasted on the likes of Don Millar. Their "hard work", behind the scenes creating Attack Ads neither went up in creating jobs, accept their own, nor did we lose jobs, which means, as you have pointed out Norm, that the economy as far as jobs goes....has FLAT-LINED.

    ".....Compared with 12 months earlier, employment increased 1.8% or 312,000, all in full-time work. Over the same period, the total number of hours worked rose 1.6%.

    Provincially, employment increased in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island in December. At the same time, there was a decline in Nova Scotia."

  2. But according to this Liberal troll on twitter " Mark Marissen ‏@marissenmark

    BC unemployment rate drops to 6.5 per cent (compared to national average of 7.1 per cent) … "

    These losers never give up on spinning the truth. A true Liberal who could never make it in the real world.

    Guy in Victoria

    PS Thanks for the truth Norm &

  3. Lieberal and truth are two words that should not be seen in the same sentence,they do not go together

  4. China had permission to sue any Canadians who get in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the BC mining jobs. Are those not job losses for BC? The seven new mines going into Northern BC, some are owned by China, some owned by the U.S. There are also mine expansions. I wonder who will take those jobs?

    Christy's job plans for BC, are not for the BC citizens. Christy should not be permitted to say, there will be thousands of jobs for BC. Those jobs are not for us.

  5. As Norm has shown recently, the companies are paying less in mining royalties — despite the rise in the value of the raw products.

    So: they aren't employing our citizens... and are they going to pull the coal out of the ground and pay little for it?

    Some 'splainin' to do.

  6. Obviously not a newsworthy least Global didn't think so anyway. Hardly a surprise I suppose.
    Keep up the great work Norm

  7. Norm, I had to pass this along. This story on CFAX that claims to be " Victoria's News Authority " despite the fact the news usually stops on long weekends because the news staff is on holidays. Here is their report on December job numbers:
    " Provincial jobs minister Pat Bell says that the island is doing especially well.
    "Vancouver Island actually good news this past month. accounted for a gain of 3300 jobs, in Victoria alone up 1500 jobs." says Bell. "That puts the unemployment rate for Vancouver Island at 5.8 per cent and 5.4 per cent in Victoria."
    BC gained 600 jobs in December 2012. The national unemployment numbers dropped from 7.2 per cent to 7.1 per cent."

    So Pat Bell say's 1500 jobs in Victoria alone...... but in BC "600 jobs in December 2012". And CFAX prints this BS. They should be ashamed of themselves. Typical small town radio.

    Guy in Victoria

  8. I was watching David Akin again online, who seems to rather enjoy ripping Clarks claims to shreds - he is the reporter/ bureau chief who ripped her job claims to shreds recently -RossK posted a blog about it.

    Anyways, his comment was the reason why there was any drop at all, was not that people actually found jobs... but that those people just gave up looking for jobs and dropped right out of the stats.... : )

    All this Liberal spin really explains why Clark never gets anything right. She likely dizzy...

  9. In today's Sun business section, on one page was a story regurgitating the Fibral's spin on the numbers. On the opposite page was a a columnist who said the numbers weren't so great, repeating basically what Norm has said. Shame on that reporter and double shame on corporate media for doing everything it can to support these liars.

    1. I don't have the hard copy of the paper — but I saw the "Rah! Rah!" article on-line.

      Who was the other one by?

  10. I rembember reading an article about young families leaving BC because of the high costs of living and to fulfill a dream of owning a single family dwelling that doesn't commit you to a lifetime of servitude and exorbant interest rates and municipal taxes created by supersize property valuations. Royalites are down, labour rates are facing downward pressure to make things "more competitive" for multinationals and banks are once again posting billion dollar profits. I dont know if the populaces strides via idle no more or the occupy movements will finally be the catalyst of change against capitalism and corruption.

  11. dear old christie can have all the ads she wants & the lame stream media can say all it wants but people know what is happening. There aren't more jobs in B.C. There are more jobs in Alberta but no jobs in B.C. except the low paying service sector jobs.

    In the Comox Valley we have a lot of people flying in & out of here every two or three weeks weeks. They go to Fort McMurray & Fort Nelson. They say one large oil corporation fills a jet every week flying their workers out of the Comox Valley.

    More young people are heading to the Maritines, the praires, Quebec so they can afford to purchase a home. If they remain in B.C. the jobs that pay a decent salary just aren't there anymore. Even the people who work for the city of Vancouver can't afford to live there.

    If you want to know how the economy is doing just look around & see how many people are shopping at thrift stores. When you go to the mall how many people actually have their hands full of purchases, not too many.

    The $15M gave jobs to the companies who made the commercials & the lame stream media who carried it. They made money. Increase in jobs, not that I've been able to see. I just see more & more people going to food banks.

  12. Sort of a theme that runs through much of what's on this and other, related, blogs:

    To be capable of embarrassment is the beginning of moral consciousness. Honor grows from qualms.

    ---John Leonard

    Certainly in their public personae, Harper, Clark and others of that ilk know nothing of embarrassment or shame, and there doesn't seem to be even the faintest inkling of honour.

  13. I would agree with e.a.f. above. If you look around in any community in BC, most folks are shopping at lower end stores, bargain hunting, and in the lower mainland, heading across the border, to shop. We were all sold a "bill of goods" by the federal parties, with regard to having a high Canadian dollar. We still pay far more for products here in Canada than in the states, and the dollar has been at par for some time. Of course the additional tax burden, via the HST and other regressive taxation, by all levels of government, has added to these costs.

    Governments as a whole have unbalanced the tax burden onto a declining middle class, using the argument that if they don't, business will leave to find more "friendly" tax jurisdictions. Sure, leaving the mess, of a country with a declining infrastructure, huge deficits, and ultimately a middle class that disappears. What's left of the middle and lower class, becomes a "captive audience", to be exploited, via increased taxation, lowered wages, and a government "mcjob" strategy.

    Balancing the tax load and ensuring that the dollar is maintained below par, was a strategy that worked for Canada, for over 40 years. Whether intentional, or due to other financial issues, the low dollar policy was effective in maintaining a balanced playing field, for industry and the working population as a whole.

    The federal government has since off loaded, many of its former responsibilities, fracturing the so called social contract between it, the provinces and lower levels of government. In turn business, who support the parties with large cash donation's, have been able to influence governments, into reducing the tax burden on them and forcing it, onto those that cannot possibly maintain, paying the larger and larger amounts needed, to maintain a "bloated" government sector.

    Housing costs in most area's are way to high, for the average person with a declining or stagnant income, to afford. The resulting answer, from business albeit lately, is to keep employee wages low, reduce its tax burden for higher profits, and import workers, whose own needs in a third world country, are far less than here.

    Whatever happened to the push for small business?...crash and burned. Most people last less than 5 years, employee's on low wages don't stay, and profits are tough to make when the Walmarts and
    high volume big box stores, compete heavily for the reduced spending powers, of most folks.

    Something has gone terribly wrong, with the "vision of Canada" that most people believed in, from our centennial in 1967.

  14. This article shows how screwed up things are. Check out the exponential US debt chart:



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