Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peace region changes

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  1. I've recently found your blog (after AGT recommended it) and have enjoyed reading. However, with this latest post- you lost me at "Visit David Suzuki Foundation for links".
    Mr. Suzuki is a hypocrite, and I do not any longer read, much less give credence to anything from the "climate change" fraudsters. I recommend for a realistic assessment of "the sky is falling!" doomsterists.

  2. Totally agree with Relayer, the sooner this fraud loses his platforms, the better. All he cares about is people sending money to his "charity". He won't be happy until we all live in caves. Meanwhile, he zips about in his jet, telling everybody not to drive their cars. I can't believe anybody still listens to this parasite.

  3. Focus on the issues, not the people. And, don't be afraid of anyone providing information. Read it, evaluate, discard it, embrace it, or whatever. That's up to you.

    However, if we only listen to people who match our currently held beliefs, our understanding remains stuck in one spot. Even if you're right today, eventually you'll be wrong.

    Keep an open mind, listen, challenge, evaluate, then judge. You won't then become a grumpy old person living in the past. Something, I admit to being frequently. However, I'm fighting against that.

    BTW, as I've said before, the single best source of reporting on fracking and related issues is ProPublica. I agree that DSF has many faults but I don't discard everything they contribute.

    1. This is why I love to follow your writings!
      Thanks Norm!

  4. It is said. Man is the most destructive animal on earth, and the most stupid one at that.

    It is totally the greed of certain people, who create the issues. Our wildlife and marine creatures. Our forests, lakes, rivers and streams, don't create these issues. We create their issues for them. I am fully focused on the s.o.b's doing these atrocities.

  5. Yes, well we have about the same amount of respect for the moronic deniers who claim you can have infinite economic growth in a finite space. They can't seem to grasp that this is a mathematical impossibility. I'm sure they believe in magic though.

  6. The Canadian Environmental Law Association reminds us,

    "The precautionary principle denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is within our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. This principle has been codified in several international treaties to which Canada is a signatory."

    An example of the precautionary principle at home: I could spray weed killer on my lawn and hope that it won't affect my toddler grandchild because the manufacturer claims it's safe. Alternatively, I can live with a few weeds and be certain the little guy won't be harmed by herbicides on the lawn.

    You don't have to agree with the near unanimous position of climate scientists but the prudent course is to exercise maximum care for our environment. That doesn't mean we stop development to accommodate expanding world population but it means we do that with caution and care.

  7. I’m not seeing any “caution and care”. “Future discount” is alive and well though. We are seeing species extinction at an unprecedented rate. Collapse of fishery stocks as we fish one out and move to the next. Acidification of the oceans. Increasing oceanic dead zones(eg Mississippi, Chesapeake littoral zones) with no mitigative measures in sight.
    We have reached the billion jetted tourist per year mark for the amusement of a few at the environmental cost of all. Such is the selfishness of future discount.
    So Norm I would ask you where is this “caution and care”? To believe that the human population can just continue growing and occupying a finite space all the while degrading our environment is ignoring the insanity of growth economics.
    While you were doing your part, not applying herbicides to your lawn Sandy rolled in and washed tens of thousands of litres of home use herbicides into the North Atlantic.
    So while you are trying to do your part(and I do applaud that) in reality it isn’t really making an nth of a difference, it’s to little.
    May I recommend to readers “Here on Earth- Tim Flannery”. A short read that makes a whole lot of sense.

  8. According to lobbyist registry information, there are currently 57 lobbyists being paid to represent the views of the natural gas industry to elected officials and government agencies in British Columbia:
    • Mark Reder works for the firm Fleishman-Hillard and is registered as working on behalf of gas pipeline giant Kinder Morgan to raise "awareness of Kinder Morgan's B.C. operations and their benefits with key govenment officials."
    • Jay Hill, former Conservative Party of Canada member of parliament, is registered as working on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) issues on behalf of the Alberta-based company Apache Canada.
    • Michael Brooks is registered as working on behalf of Talisman Energy to, "educate officials as to key issues in the natural gas policy area and to Talisman's plans for, and contribution to, the province of British Columbia." Also under the same registry are lobbyists Eric Kristianson and Ross Curtis.
    • Marcella Munro, Bruce Young and Adam Johnson at Earnscliffe Strategy are working on behalf of natural gas company Spectra Energy to, "support the dialogue between Spectra and the BC Official Opposition regarding natural gas policy issues in the province."
    • Leah Murray is working on behalf of Progress Energy "to build relationships with government." The US-based Progress Energy was recently bought out by Duke Energy to form the large electrical utility in the United States. Progress also has natural gas interests in Alberta.
    • Former political advisor Chris Tupper at Global Public Affairsis working on behalf of Cenovus Energy to "coordinate meetings to discuss the role of Cenovus in BC's economy." Cenonvus Energy has a mixed energy portfolio with major shallow gas operations in Alberta.
    • Pennwest Petroleum which has major natural gas operations in Northern B.C. lists CEO Murray Nunns, along with Greg Moffat, James Norris, Bob Shepard, James Walsh and Keith Luft as representing the company to elected officials and government officials in British Columbia.
    • Kevin Reinhart representing Nexen Inc. which has major gas holding in Northern British Columbia. Other lobbyists registered for Nexen are Ron Bailey, Don Dreisinger, Sandi Morrisseau, Wishart Robson, Sarah Schwann and Shad Watts.
    • Peter Kaine working on behalf of Northcote Group of Investment Companieson Liquid Natural Gas exports.
    • Tony Kuehne, Levonne Louie and John Rushford working on behalf of the Fort Worth Texas based Quicksilver Resources.
    • Natural gas giant Encana has 28 in-house lobbyists registered to do work in British Columbia. They are: Allen Darcy, Christopher Bakker, Kevin Beneteau, Jennifer Blaney, Rod Crockford, Elliot Cudmore, Rickie Lee-Doyle, Richard Dunn, Kellen Foreman, Michael Forgo, Roy Fournier, Joanne Hansen, Brent Harrison, Jenifer Hedayat, Sarah Koskie, Brian Lieverse, David Lye, Michael McAllister, Noel Millions, Erin Peachey, Jonathan Remer, James Roberts, Sam Shaw, Kevin Smith, Lindsay Stephens, Scott Stonehouse, David Thorn and Jason Verhaest.
    • Tamara Little of National Public Relations is registered for lobby work on behalf of natural gas company Progress Energy to "raise awareness about Progress Energy and build relationships with government."

  9. According to lobbyist registry data, there are currently 57 lobbyists representing the natural gas industry to elected officials and government agencies in the province of British Columbia. This is a pretty astounding number when you consider that the provincial government only consists of 85 elected representatives.

    57-85 Really? So Christy and Co. and retiring or early exit from government (Falcon, Abbot...) release your holdings!



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