Sunday, December 30, 2012

Association precludes effective regulation

When governing parties are controlled by big business, agents shuffle back and forth between the regulated and the regulators. Now, faux capitalists are so confident in their right to rule, they drop pretences that their guys work for the public during times they handle the business of industry regulation.

Energy company staff working at climate ministry, Damian Carrington, The Guardian, December 30, 2012:
"Almost two dozen employees from companies including the energy giants British Gas and npower are working at the Department of Energy, and in most cases are being paid by the government to do so, documents released under freedom of information rules reveal. Oil companies such as Shell and ConocoPhillips also have staff inside the department, and civil servants have travelled in the opposite direction to work for the companies."
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  1. A happy new year Norm.
    Interestingly we both read similar news sources.
    One has to wonder what , if any, similar circles of procreation exsist within BC!
    I am thinking here of BC Hydro & BC Ferries etc!!!

  2. Several of these arrangements have occurred with staff floating back and forth between gas producers and the OGC. As well as the federal government and a couple producers. The excuse being to learn "processes".



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