Saturday, November 17, 2012

There's fish in the lake

Two unions are in court to overturn Temporary Foreign Worker Program permits that allow 200 Chinese coal miners to work in northern BC. The labour organizations claim the permits were based on improper and invalid Labour Market Opinions. LMOs are supposed to determine if there are permanent Canadian residents able to fill the jobs offered to foreign workers.

Jeremy J. Nuttall reports at The Tyee:
"Now, they want to have full access to the LMOs to see if the company cut corners in order to purposely disqualify Canadians from the jobs so it could use miners from China at a cheaper cost.

"Lawyers representing the government and mining firm don’t want to release the records for privacy concerns and said the unions were on a 'fishing expedition.'

" 'There’s fish in the lake,' said Federal Court Justice Douglas Campbell..."
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  1. It's obvious by the judge's remark that he isn't buying what the government and the company are selling.

    I suspect that if this court case continues after the judge's Tuesday deadline and he rules in favour of the unions, the government and company will quickly appeal the decision.

    Maybe our various levels of governance would find it easier to balance their respective budgets if they spent a lot less on lawyers!

  2. With Harper's environmental gutting, there won't be fish in the lake for long.When is exposing the why to a little sunlight for public scrutiny wrong?

  3. Hooray for Justice Campbell. What an awesome and refreshing comment!

    Thank goodness we still (for now at least) have an independant judiciary. Our Mainstream media have lost the plot entirely.



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