Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gentrification disrupts residents (of the garage)

Contractors are doing demolition of our our one story garage and family room, preparing to extend the existing second floor, to add sleeping and play space for three grandchildren now living here.

Of course, you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette and we're prepared for that. Perhaps, a little less prepared are the winged insects who took up residence in the rafters. Removing the ceiling drywall, we found two huge wasp nests.

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  1. Norm...if you leave some colored crepe paper around the wasps will build their nest in technicolor next time.

    1. I'd rather not attract them again. However, wasps, I gather, are an important part of natural biocontrol. People might find them inconvenient but maybe they do us good, as in mosquito control.

  2. Strange as it may be they love eating winged termites. I watched this as a boy when I first noticed termite wings fluttering to the ground from a pine tree. The termite fly was on(numbering in the hundreds) and dozens of wasps were picking them off when they launched from the tree. The wasps would land higher up on branches eat their prey less the wings and come back for more. Quite the spectacle.

  3. I guess wasp infestations are beyond the scope of home inspectors — but after we bought our 30 year old house, a neighbour said the wasps had been so bad that they were eating their way through the drywall and getting into the house.

    Later, when I was taking down the 70s-style valences, I found at least five large wasp nests — all vacant — built into the insulation. Downstairs, they had built an even bigger nest in the bulkhead around the ductwork. Outside, one part of the fascia board (which the inspector should have seen, along with the 3 bathroom sinks that were set to rot out underneath from rust... what a waste of $450) little black wasps were emerging from the rotting wood.

    Paisley may be right about wasps eating termites — but I'm not sure that the cure is much better than the disease!

  4. Didn't have many over here in Tsawwassen this summer. Now we know why. They were all over at your place!

  5. No Lew, they have taken residence over on Cliff Drive!



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