Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Desperation on their own sinking ship

From Laila Yuile's blog, No Strings Attached:

Breaking news – Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association Directors and President resign, citing ” Unfair, not democratic ” election of candidate Darryl Plecas.
"...Clearly, the powers that be running the show at BC Lib headquarters are bound and determined to demonstrate to the public that they don't even care about democratic process in their own den of inequity. Good grief. At least this riding association has some sense and walked.

"This comes on a recent scathing column also run in the Abbotsford Today highlighting some Pro's and... ahem... Cons of having Plecas as a candidate in which Mike Archer leaves readers with this line:

" 'It also speaks volumes as to the lengths to which the BC Liberals will go in their desperate search for candidates to join their own sinking ship...' "
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1 comment:

  1. Good for the directors for taking a stand. A desperate party trying to desperately hold on to power. Will the rest of the MSM pick up on this story and run with it or will it just remain a "local" story.



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