Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clear messaging

As Enbridge explains, the Mokena Terminal had a "Line Release."
Nov 23 (Reuters) - About 900 barrels of crude oil leaked from an Enbridge Inc pipeline near Chicago late on Wednesday before the line was isolated, federal and state officials said.

The U.S. National Response Center said the crude was contained within a spill pad at the site near Mokena, Illinois, a pipeline hub where Enbridge's Line 14 from Superior, Wisconsin, ties into Line 64 to Griffith, Indiana. They have capacity of 318,000 barrels a day.
Of course, time will tell how large and how significant the "release" turns out to be. The energy industry has a poor record for honest disclosure.

With another spill by Enbridge and two ships suffering near disasters on the west coast, nature is sending us a  clear message. Are we paying attention?

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  1. We all must pay attention, it's not about us/BC/Alberta, it's about money and lots of it!

  2. We are paying a lot of attention. However, we are the only ones who give a damn.

    Enbridge and their bursting pipes, alters nothing for Harper. Pipes will be repaired and Harper can keep right on pumping the dirty sludge, to Communist China. Harper's behemoth, Chinese tankers can still ply the seas, right over the spills. Harper still gets his money. We will keep, right on complaining.

    People are still fools enough, to equate the tar sands with jobs. Canadians aren't going to get those jobs. China is. The same as, BC people won't get the mining jobs, China will.

    We accept Harper's, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and cheating to win. Harper's good buddy did the same to BC. He used the identical dirty tactics Harper uses. Campbell too, lied and cheated to win his elections. When we can't altar the mind of tyrants? You should have sense enough, to remove yourself from the situation. However, we would rather just complain, until the cows come home. Do people really think, Harper gives a damn about our complaining? Get this province the hell away from, Harper, Ottawa, Enbridge, Alberta, and Communist China. I really don't think, our complaining will accomplish anything.



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