Monday, October 1, 2012

Quotes that resonate

"I'm not a crook." - Richard Nixon

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." - Bill Clinton

"The only charge that anyone can level against us is one of insufficient generosity to ourselves." - Conrad Black

"I'm not going to play politics on the floor of the House of Commons." - John Turner

"I’m not a serial plagiarist." - Margaret Wente

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A new shot from Media Culpa: Margaret Wente, Twitter, Plagiarism, and Nicholas Carr
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  1. As Ezra says "who cares if she stole a few words", where is all the outrage about Muslims trying to stifle free speech because they are offended or Obama lying about what happened in Benghazi (sp) and the abject apology after his ambassador was raped and murdered. No they would rather be outraged because Ms Wente is a poor journalist

  2. yes comments that resonate such as the desolate 90's under the NDP. Jason Bateman and Sean Leslie about how bad the NDP were at balancing budgets (audio Vault CKNW at 3:54 P.M. app.) ( deficit budgets under the NDP with 1 balanced. Yea this with a talk about Wente and ethics on his program.

  3. "".......well, you know I mean I can't...I wouldn't say we made a whole lot of progress on it. But I was here..." Premier wanna be Clark's quote regarding her tea party with Alberta's Premier, October 1st 2012.

    Gary L.

  4. Norm... you're on fire this week!

    Renovations complete — or stalled?

  5. What an unforgettable quotes! It just makes me wonder.:)

  6. The people of BC...will have huge savings from the HST. Money was going to trickle down in a golden flow from big businesses savings, from the HST, to the people of BC. Campbell and Hansen's famous quote, to the people of BC.

    Campbell's $60,000 per year salary hike to himself, and the 27% hike to his ministers and mla's. He had to pay to keep the best. Best of what? Thieves?

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals lies and b.s.....could go on forever, so I'm quitting.

  7. Oops sorry. Anon 3:58, is Gloria.



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