Monday, October 29, 2012

Not a Monty Python sketch

The editor of a Canadian faith magazine to MP John McKay,
"I have just received an official “reminder” from Canada Revenue that our charitable status may be in jeopardy because of too much “political advocacy” on the part of our publication, citing six different editorials and articles as evidence..."
McKay in If we silence dissent we silence democracy
"When I subsequently spoke with the editor, he told me that he had phoned Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), to ask which six articles were “offensive”. After a few days, and much searching, the CRA official was eventually able to find the impugned articles. If it was not so serious, the exchange would have had all the elements of a Monty Python sketch.

"If this was an isolated incident, it could potentially be ignored..."
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  1. Remember when Campbell first got in, he tried using a similar stunt to shut down the Georgia Straight. My, my the right wing sure doesn't like media that doesn't bow to their will. You'd never see them do this to the Sun, CKNW, Global,,,

  2. Maybe you're thinking about the late Mayor "Tom Terrific" Campbell, circa 1970. He should have been called Freeway Tom since he wanted to build one through Chinatown. Tom never knew a plot of land that wasn't suited for a highrise or, even better, both.

    He also treated Dan McLeod and The Georgia Straight as political punching bags. Literally, McLeod was a punching bag, harassed and beaten by the Vancouver Police Department.

  3. As our precarious democracy slowly erodes under the auspices of Herr Harper, the jackboots of officialdom start attacking the undefendable. Sadly, it seems all the elected Conservative MP support this gestapo style of threats or worse.

    Where is the Vancouver Sun? Or the Province? Or Bill Boring?


    In 12 or so days, one will see all Canadian politicians laying wreaths a the many hundreds of cenotaphs that dot the Canadian landscape, pretending to honour those who died when the they were ordered to do so, while in reality just doing a 'photo-op' for the local papers. Where are they? Where are those who are supposedly upholding our democracy?

    No, they just do what they are ordered to by Herr Harper and his odious gang. No, they don't have the moral fibre to say "enough."

    Sad, it was easier for Canadian soldiers to die in great battle long ago, than for a politicians to question his or her leader today. A pathetic lot of cowardly politicians we have.

  4. Under new Con law, 4 protected lakes in Quebec. 68 protected lakes in Ontario. 12 protected lakes in Tony Clement's riding of Muskoka. 15 protected lakes in BC (many are not lakes but reservoirs).



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