Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No doubt about the winner in a contest of one

Ian Reid and Bob Mackin have been the leading journalists examining Paragon Gaming's past relationship with Pavco. We knew Paragon had an inside track for the proposed casino at BC Place but it now seems theirs was the only horse in the race.

Reid's BC Place meet Paragon Gaming, along with his earlier reports, exposes information demonstrating a back-room deal was in progress until public exposure and Gordon Campbell's ignominious departure led to the deal imploding.
"...[Pavco consultant Brent] MacGregor’s meetings with Paragon – there were many more – suggest that BC Place wasn’t looking for the best casino operator, they were working with just one – Paragon.

"...From the pattern of events emerging from MacGregor’s billings it can be argued that the RFP for developers issued by Pavco was little more than window dressing. Paragon Gaming was the only one at the table right from the beginning.

"A 250 million dollar development of public land. One real proponent who happened to donate $50,000 to the government in the 2009 election – after achieving a rezoning permitting a casino expansion. Plus a part owner who’s a friend of the government chairing a major government corporation.

"A plan so badly put together it went down to defeat at a real public hearing two years later, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

"And taxpayers paid MacGregor up to $150,000 a year for four years for this?"
An early order of government business in 2013 will be revamping of the Pavco board of directors. (Susan Anton is a director!) Behind-closed-doors handling of the BC Place casino deal suggests Howard Crosley should be gone even before then. I realize the Paragon relationship was orchestrated at the highest political level but Crosley, as CEO of BC Place, cannot avoid responsibility for this shady deal-making. He was a tool for the dealmakers not a guardian for the public.
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  1. $50K is all the donated to the lieberals. my god those lieberals sell out cheap. In the U.S.A. they hold those $1M dinners to get to talk to the candidates.

    Oh, well at least it didn't get built. Those lieberals made all their friends rich & the tax payers poor.

    This evenings news outlines how all those nice lieberals got onto the panel which was reviewing what is wrong with BBy General.

    I know people aren't all that bright, they voted for Campbell 3 times but really the lieberals aren't all that bright either. You;'d think they would at least try to make it look like they weren't stacking the deck. Its the titantic at this time anyhow so all they will do is go down to the bottom.

    1. Don't forget about the deals that we have not seen. Every time I pass by BC Place, I wonder whose pockets got stuffed through development of the surrounding real estate.

      There are so many ways that fraud can be committed on the public. That is one reason we need full disclosure, unrestricted FOI and real commitment to transparency. Liberals promised that before they formed government but they quickly found those rules were only useful to honest men and women. They had few of those.



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