Monday, October 1, 2012

Meet Andrew Nikiforuk

SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement and The Tyee present:
De-Friending Oil: An Evening with Andrew Nikiforuk
How petro-dependency corrodes our humanity. And what it will take to pull free

Andrew Nikiforuk, one of Canada’s top journalists on energy issues, has spent the past two years researching the key question of our age:

If we can’t live with oil, how can we survive giving it up?

Nikiforuk’s acclaimed new book The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude argues the petro-economy is a false one allowing us to delude ourselves (until it’s too late?) about what really matters in life...
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  1. Andy is an illuminating, razor sharp advocate of Canada.. Canadians .. our environment.. land, waters and air.. as well as our incredibly diverse culture(s). He seems completely at ease (and very accurate) when presenting a global and environmental world view as well.

    You're right though.. he's also a top drawer journalist re energy...
    He should be required reading in every Canadian school.. and blog ..
    He makes common sense seem... attainable and very, very necessary

  2. "The Energy of Slaves" was also the title of a Leonard Cohen book of poetry published in the 1960's. Maybe it's a Canadian thing.

  3. Yes! we can't live with oil...and I would loved to read this book...

    All Canadians should watch.



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