Monday, October 15, 2012

Call to action

On October 22, 2012 join and support people from across Canada in BC’s Capital in defending our coast from tar sands tankers and pipelines. Then, on October 24th, in communities across BC let’s show BC’s unbroken wall of opposition by linking arms at our MLA offices.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is talking about putting a price on the west coast. The view is that for enough money we should ignore the voices of over 100 First Nations and put communities throughout B.C. and our environment at risk to the on-going threats tar sands tankers and pipelines would pose.

Prime Minister Harper has spent the last year silencing the voices of opposition by gutting environmental protection, cancelling more than 3,000 safety assessments of industrial projects and attacking Canadians who care about environmental values. Together we must tell the B.C. and Federal government that the protection of the west coast is not up for discussion and Canada’s coast is not for sale!

Read more and pledge support at Defend Our Coast.
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  1. As a lowly.. close to the ground salamander.. I must protest ...!

    The high n mighty so called honorable Mr Harper cannot
    - has not, will not silence ... moi
    nor my 3 toed salamander family

    We march on Albertawa as I type these words...
    Granted.. it will take quite a while for us to get there
    and you may not see us coming.. tho we are.

    The pirate salamanders rule.. Harper does not ... !!

  2. What really makes me furious is. Our province and the citizens, have no say over Alberta and their citizens. However, Alberta has no qualms about dictating to BC. Premier Redford seems to think, it is her God given right, to force that dirty lethal Bitumen into BC and, into our ocean.

    Besides which, we want nothing to do with Red China. We don't want that country, on our Canadian soil. China is showing, very arrogant aggression to other country's. Those country's are escorting China off their territories. Harper permits them right into Canada. Harper gives China all the jobs too.

  3. The real agenda of the "Harpartists" is now revealed. The Chinese trade pact, specifically with regard to oil, natural gas, and mining, is potentially a legal quagmire that people from economists, to law professors and political observers, are ringing the alarm bells over.

    If this occurs, be very afraid, and very skeptical of the truth behind this whole deal. Without parlaimentary debate, or any form of scrutiny, outside the conservative government, this proposed pact will be ratified very quickly, to ensure those behind the right wing agenda in this country, do not have to deal with government oversight or opposition debate.

    This is not governance, it is economic subversion, and the giving away of our resources to a foreign power. Surley, the people in this country, have the b***s to stand up for their rights, families and their childrens futures!

    Big money, big oil and the "Harpartists" ensuring the sellout of Canada.



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