Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Austerity only for the "plebs"

The most read article at Northern Insights is Adventures in not net zero land. It begins with this:
"Helping manage the BC government's war on school teachers and public education is Deputy Minister of Education James Gorman. He is a long time senior bureaucrat.

"Public accounts show his salary in fiscal 2006 was $164,085. In fiscal 2011, it was $228,942, an increase of 40% in five years. During that period, Gorman's expenses were $136,616."
Since Gorman was wielding a sharpened stick in the BC Liberal war on teachers, it's worth noting what happened to his own pay package in fiscal 2012.

The Comptroller General's Detailed Schedules of Payments indicate that Gorman's salary was up 9% in 2012, rising to $248,962. That raise of $1,700 a month was more than the annual earnings of a minimum wage worker.

Gorman's expenses of $27,498 were up by 31% in fiscal 2011-12.

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  1. Honestly, how do these people sleep at night? How do they look themselves in the mirror? They must live in a self-reinforcing bubble or something. The hypocrisy is just disgusting.

  2. Bureaucrats have become, de facto, the rulers and politicians their puppets. As such, bureaucrats believe that they should be payed very well, better than the rest. Our elected official are just too weak to control the emerging bureaucratic upper class.

  3. May 2013 can't come soon enough. I hope they draft legislation that greatly decreases these bureaucrats' severence pay after getting these inflated salaries and extrodinarily generous expense accounts for years on end.

    Meanwhile, I struggle to try and get a cost of living increase in my salary and am told no.

  4. The election wont make any diffrence,the same bureaucrats will still be there running the show,,or they will be getting huge payouts at taxpayers expense

  5. I will have to agree with you Len.
    The Socred/Liberals made a huge issue during the first term of the NDP in the 90’s whining about patronage appointments to the provincial bureaucracy. The media jumped right on and helped create a public fire storm to save the beleaguered bureaucrats. Who would think that it would not be a rational tract to take and clean house of the decades old cob webs of Socred haunt. Obviously corporate media didn’t and they suddenly and astonishingly became the buddies of the bureaucracy.
    The NDP relented for the most part and the people of BC were stuck with a bureaucracy actively getting in the way of change and bureaucracy foraging ahead with their own Socred vision. Undermining of that NDP government was more than evident.
    It seems that once the NDP were gone the rewards for diminishing the role of the social hordes paid well, very well in fact. As Norm and other bloggers have pointed out numerously, BC’s bureaucracy are paid far above others in relatable jurisdictions.
    Anyone who thinks bureaucrats take their oath and act in the public’s interest are the fools among us.

  6. We should expect a purge of upper-end bureaucrats, accompanied with outrageous severance packages. Main stream media will then constantly hammer the new government as a reckless administration.



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