Thursday, September 20, 2012

The rumour mill

Here's a quick one that came my way today from a decent source.

Within the next four months, Christy Clark will decide to focus on the important duties of a single parent and will resign as Premier, MLA and leader of the BC Liberal Party.

Stockwell Day will be elected the new BC Liberal leader.
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  1. Is this one of those good news ( Christy leaving ), bad news ( Stockwell Day as Leader ) stories ?

    Guy in Victoria

  2. My decent sources tell me Stockwell is busy in the Alberta foothills wiping out any dinosaur tracks older than 10,000 years...

  3. Just shoot me.

    Cheers, Gary L.

  4. Not only an extreme right winger, also a religous kook.

  5. Intellectual TerroristSeptember 20, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Is the real plan to try and make John Cummins look less like a religious nutball? Because this might work...

  6. It is only fitting that they replace Christy with her male equivalent, Doris.

    By the way, is is part of the BC liaRs constitution that the leader has to be either sleazy or a blithering idiot,or both?

  7. why wouldn't that surprise me..

  8. "These bacon sandwiches are delicious", said Pooh. "Aren't they, Piglet. Piglet?"

  9. Any BC Liberal leader must work for Harper, just as Campbell and Christy did before them. Harper rewarded Campbell very nicely, for doing his dirty work for him. I don't think Christy is enough of a Christian for Harper. I doubt she will rate a cushy appointment. Day would probably suit Harper much better. Harper is a devout Christian himself, I'm sure I read this quite some time back. He was linked with some Christian Fundamentalists. I think this was during Harper's time, with his Northern Foundation Party of 1989.

  10. Sorry Norm, I think you have been April Fooled a wee bit early, as Stockwell Day as Premier would utterly destroy the BC Liberal party (if it can be destroyed any further).

    What I have been told is the BC Liberals are looking for a new leader but no one wants to touch the job with a ten foot pole until the BC Rail debacle is settled once and for all.

    Me thinks that the Libs will keep Clark as the sacrificial lamb and wait until the NDP self destruct with their massive majority, next May.

    From my contacts - Clark may fabricate a reason to have an earlier election and save 10 seats! Watch for the Auditor General's success in the Basi/Virk $6 million payout as an indication for an early election. My bet, either a Feb. or March election.

  11. Today's backroom arrangers are like the small group who removed Gordon Wilson as Liberal leader in favour of a guy loyal to big business. A few involved now were also part of the subterfuge that targeted Wilson in the nineties. They think Stockwell Day can be polished sufficiently to give the Liberals a chance to recover. There is a lot of money committed and they're confident that a compliant media will help. The negative campaigning will be extensive.

    And, by the way, the full story on the $6 million payoff in the Basi/Virk plea bargain will not be revealed before May 14, 2013.

  12. its not nice to cause us older people heart failure. First you lead off with she is going, then, its Stockwell Day is coming. Now that can't happen. Well if it does, it still won't fix the lieberals in time for any election. The guy is wierd, in my humble opinion.

    With enough money I am sure anything can be done, however people do remember the HST & a few other things the leiberals have done in office. They may think they can get people to buy the stockwell product but they can stock it all they will but he will never be well.

  13. The "Coalition of BC Businesses" is just one of many front groups being tasked with attacking Adrian Dix and the NDP opposition.

    That group says "77 per-cent are pessimistic about hiring under a BC NDP government." Think that's an honest survey? Have a look at who is running the operation. Phil Hochstein is one. Loyal Liberal functionary Kim Hackstad is another.

  14. "From my contacts - Clark may fabricate a reason to have an earlier election and save 10 seats!"

    Please be right Evil Eye, I'll gladly give her ten seats, as long as none of them are anywhere near me.

  15. Well, MY prediction is she'll be gone by the end of Oct., courtesy of the real power brokers of BC. These are the same people who arranged Campbell's appointment as High Commissioner and decided to give him the Order of BC, just to show everyone who REALLY calls the shots here. They'll threaten to expose Christy's role in BC Rail, and suddenly, she'll resign "for the good of the party", and so she can "spend more time with her son"
    Rich Coleman (God help us!) will lead the BC Liberals into the next election. He's been angeling for this all along...

  16. I always thought it was weird that Stockwell Day's tangential connection to the Mindy Tran case was never covered in the media. His cousin was the next door neighbour to Mindy Tran's family and Mr. Day was in attendance at his house on the day of Mindy's disappearance. (There was a large family wedding going on.) Even stranger, there's no record of the RCMP ever interviewing Mr. Day simply to confirm that he didn't see or notice anything suspicious. (I can't remember if Day was their boss at that time or later, but either way, it's very odd that he wasn't interviewed.)

    In any event, he was definitely in charge of oversight of the RCMP as Public Safety Minister when female officers were being sexually harassed by their colleagues. Since nothing substantial was ever done to clean up this festering mess, he was either indifferent to their complaints or so thoroughly incompetent that he had no inkling they existed. Either way, the Liberals would be wise to take a pass on Mr. Day's proposed leadership.

  17. Christy Clark may give everything to everyone to protect her ass, or at least her seat in government. She will try to get us drunk on our own money just long enough with the hopes of keeping the Lieberals in power.

    Ida Chong is in my riding, she failed miserabely with our request for her office to find out why the OPCC has not concluded PSWA Canada's BC Police Act Policy Complaint of March 31, 2010 which involved police in BC providing only verbal subjective reports to medical staff when police take citizens under BC's Infamous Mental Health Act Section 28(1) for an Involuntary Assessment against their will.

    It appears police in BC do not want to provide written objective reports to medical staff, why? I believe Basi or Virk had a relative who was a Victoria cop who's position was eliminated after some un-ethical involvment and providing guidance.

    Imagine how simple it would be for an un-ethical cop to discredit a person who tries to expose the mis-deeds of a government employee by using the BC MHA sec. 28(1), a simple verbal fabricated report could silence a citizen in seconds.

    BC what have we become?



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