Sunday, September 30, 2012

Match point for the good folks

So BC Liberals put an end to Liquor Distribution Branch privatization. Rich Coleman's efforts withered under the scrutiny of one independent journalist and soon to be retired Liberal MLAs decided not to advance their party's legacy of fraud.

Bob Mackin is promising more news on the subject in weeks to come. He writes:
"I'm confident there is a story behind this story. This had the appearance of another BC Rail-style scandal in the making."
Mackin was already admired by observers of BC current affairs and his professional status elevated substantially in the past year.

He's not selling out by charging thousands to consult with and entertain vested interests affected by his coverage. Instead, he's diligently serving citizens. That's unique in a community used to journalists whose priority is favoured status with industrial and commercial fat cats.

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  1. Bob Mackin for a Webster Award!!!

    (Yes, I'll wait for hell to freeze over)

  2. Yes! Bob hit this one (and by that I mean entire series) out of the ballpark. "The Last Spike" indeed!

  3. Bob says: "Also odd that he would use the word "uneventful" to describe a period of his life in which he married his first wife who bore his first two children."

    Is he saying that Furlong got married — or at least met his first wife — when he was visiting Canada as a frontier apostelate?

  4. Thanks Bob, keep them coming.

  5. Yes Bob deserves a Webster but more importantly he deserves a big high five from all British Columbian's. Exposing this fraud by shining a light on it was beyond a mere thank you. Keep it up Bob, Norm, Harvey, AGT and all.

  6. Ron S. say's it all.... and he is so sight.

    Guy in Victoria



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