Friday, August 24, 2012

The fun theory

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  1. I Love it. Can we install one in the
    Legislature ?

    Guy in Victoria

  2. An interesting study, Norm. You have a great variety of fruits, vegetables and meat on your site. Not 'blood sport' every day, LOL!

    So many things in life are a little easier to take when fun is injected into the equation. Take the lottery (tax), for example.


  3. Saw this one several years back on PianoWorld in the main piano forum. There are a few variations of this staircase/escalator thing in Europe. Here is a link to another thread running there now with some cool photos of piano stuff.

    This one is kind of cool too….. Once the fellow shuts up so you can actually hear something…..

  4. As this post is titled, " The Fun Theory" Norm, I must add another after the resignation of Kevin Falcon, our beloved Finance Minister. For starters, he says he must do so for the family, especially as he has a wee one on the way. Phooey!! How many politicians have said the same thing, including the present Premier. It's a wash.

    We have the BC Liberals in free fall, suffering from incompetence and corruption. As presently constituted and led, they are toast. On the other hand we see disatisfaction in the ranks of the BC Conservatives after the revelation that they are paying Mr. Cummins some $4,000 per month over and above his fat federal pension.

    That must make the big business crowd, who have had their fat snouts well into the taxpayer trough with their unquestioning of the Campbell/Clark regime to flinch, if only just a little bit. They may actually have to show a work ethic and some intitiative for a change and can no longer rely on Philip Hockstein to do their dirty work, union busting and so on. Can we not hear a great cry from these " business leaders" for a new Free Enterprise coalition to arise from the ashes of the present BC Liberals and BC Conservatives?

    These characters will hold a huge conference at the ritziest digs in Vancouver to launch their new party - all tax deductable, by the way. There is no way that the taxpayers can get rid of these clinging slugs. Out of it will come the new messiah who is.... wait for it.... Kevin Falcon. As befits his future as a Senior Fellow of the Frazer Institute, his far right credentials will endear him to the construction moguls/oil pipeline builder types who fund the extreme right wing in this country. As well, he can project the family friendly image, and it's only an image, that will capture the hearts of the Fraser Valley and Kelowna bible punching, flat earth types.

    Let's call this new " free enterprise" party the BC Party. It's leader will be Kevin Falcon, who will appear on stage for the first time with wife and kids, accompanied by Gordon Campbell, John Winter and Jock Finlayson. Phil Hockstein will not be on stage but will be sniffing around behind the scenes, as befits a true rat. And, after the subsequent election, when the BC Party spends enless gobs of money, all tax deductable,takes over and we have Premier Kevin Falcon, the business types can go back to their usual games of fleecing the sucker taxpayers.

    Remember: you read it here first.

    1. Delusional. Utterly and completely delusional.

      A new party must have new people with new ideas. It would never get off the ground with Kevin at the helm and he knows it. Campbell is also done. Jock would never do that and Hockstein has zero credibility.

      Give your head a shake.

      Very pedestrian.

    2. No more delusional than operating a 500+ hp car in today’s world and thinking it’s is a cool thing to do.

      No more delusional than attending a Canuck playoff game, admitting to ingesting numerous alcoholic beverages and then driving home on BC municipal boulevards and highways, while accompanied by minors(your son) in the same vehicle.

      We all have delusions. You have yours. Lorne has his. Who is it that should give their head a shake?

      Touché mon ami

    3. We've all been sneered at by better snobs than you, Alex. Try thinking outside the box for once and have some fun with the political scene.

  5. Lorne, it might help you, or at least curb your tendency towards extravagant fantasy, to do some research before offering BC voters your version of a wonderful new free enterprise party.

    Do you recall the last poll result for Gordon Campbell?

    It was NINE PERCENT approved, meaning 91% did not. But you imagine BC wants him back? And with 9% support he'll triumph?

    Kevin Falcon? After losing the referendum, then after losing the court battle over accepting the referendum, dear Kevie complained bitterly that reinstating the same PST legislation which first ushered in the tax, was just too complicated for his cerebrally diminished ministry. At minimum it would take 18 more months. While he busied himself in turning the old PST into the new HST.

    More? Add his failure to "negotiate" a reduction in Ottawa's PST clawback. Then top that off with the Auditor General's discovery that Kevie hadn't really mastered the arithmetic required by an honest budget. He'd forgotten to include the obligation to pay back the PST. Clever? To which Kevie complained that, really, honest government accounting was just too fussy about facts.

    And these two geniuses you imagine will take back BC?

  6. Lorne's particular scenario, especially with the prominence of such soiled product as CampBull and the BirdGuy, is definitely in the realm of fantasy. However the Howe Street, West Van and Corporate Piggies at the trough are certainly brainstorming just how to regain control of the province, just like they reconfigured after the fall of Wacky and the ultimate ruination of the Socred label under mini-WAC and Mr. Woodenshoes, unless of course FatBoy Coleman manages to help them relieve the people of BeeCee of everything of value (what little remains) in the next eight or nine months - or more with an election postponement.

    Best scenario, an election THIS FALL.................................

  7. I would love to see a fall election as well. Whey do we have to suffer this gross incompetance of government? It is wasting time and costing money, both of which is in short supply.

  8. Never mind an election, this gang belongs in the slammer -- starting with the Flim Flam Man.



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