Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome to Alberta

"Alberta's expansive wilderness boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and authentic outdoor experiences you can imagine...

"With its vast blue skies, magnificent Canadian Rockies, rolling fields of wheat, boreal forests and the Canadian Badlands, there is something for every visitor..." Including the tar sands, but you wouldn't want to visit there. It's only ok for First Nations people.

Photos from Business Insider: The Canadian Oil Sand Mines Refused Us Access, So We Rented This Plane To See What They Were Up To

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  1. They left out 40-below winters from the misery list.

  2. I lived in Edmonton for one and a half years around 1980. I usually describe that as two winters and one summer since it is so different than two summers and one winter.

    However, when the time came for us to leave the Alberta capital, we were sorry. There is so much to love about the surrounding Alberta landscape and we found the people, our neighbours, were best of all.

    The first winter, I barely survived. An Edmonton lawyer friend offered his prescription: "Never go outside. Enter your car in your heated garage, drive to work and park in a different heated garage. At the end of the day, drive home and park in your other heated garage. If you need anything, ask you wife to get it tomorrow."

  3. That is no surprise they weren't permitted access to the tar sands. They are an abomination on the face of Canada.

    There are deformed fish in Athabasca lake. The F.N. says, the fish are so bad they can't eat them. The mighty Athabasca River has, mercury, heavy metals and cancer causing agents in it. The huge Athabasca watershed is poisoned. The Athabasca river is huge and long, and contaminated. A flock of ducks died from landing in that cred. Our beloved Whooping Cranes, fly right over the tar sands. We can only pray, they don't decide to land in the filthy sludge too. The Buffalo and the Caribou are dying. The F.N. people say, the meat is so bad, they can't eat it. The destruction and death of the Boreal Forests, should be a punishment of a long stretch of prison time. Those forests are the prime trees, that make the air clean, so stupid humans can breathe. Worst of all. There is a F.N. village, dying of cancer. Even the very rare cancer of, exposure to petroleum. However, the greed of Alberta and Harper comes first. The tar sands, has the ability, to destroy the entire planet. And they will.

    As they say...Man is the most destructive animal on earth....and, the most stupid one at that.

  4. Here's a Travel Alberta tourism promotion you rarely see. Perhaps 'the real truth' about our neighboring province.

  5. If a picture is worth a thousand words, your collage is therefore worth almost 10,000 words.

  6. Anonymous.....the region up here is huge. The entire area doesn't look like these photos. I hike the Athabasca frequently and my drinking water comes from it.....and I'm in perfect health.

    1. Yeah, sure. And your family is among the FN people of Fort Chipeywan. Maybe not. They don't matter to they? They're less important people.

  7. Looks like a managed disaster to me...

  8. Dear Way Way Up!
    I am sincerely happy for you that you are well and enjoying perfect health. That is a gift that if we are fortunate enough to enjoy we must never take for granted. I ask that you consider those less fortunate, those that now suffer from the fall out of this project. Cancer found, by very qualified people, to be directly related to chemicals produced by this industry...are they less worthy than you or I to maintain health?
    I am sure the entire area doesn't look like these photos but someplace on earth does and that is the crux of it, no place on this earth should. We can argue that thats the price we pay I just would ask that maybe for the birds of the sky innocently landing there or for the fish in the water that happen to be living in those waters or for the land animals forced to graze on that land, should we pay that price?
    We can all go on pretending that this is not harmfull. We can justify it by saying we need the money. We can ignore the harm we do to life. We can jeopardize our future but we can never as human beings remove the rot this is doing to our souls.
    It is not my purpose to berate you but to implore you to look at the bigger picture. In my mind it's simple, if a bird landing there is certain to die then that is a problem.

  9. I wonder how they justified Fukushima? I'm sure that was supposed to be bomb proof as well.

    There is always a price to pay.

  10. I can see the tourism ad now.....Alberta the 'land of many colours'. Perhaps they are trying to mimic Ontario's fall colour change in the fall only using water, year round.

    Cynicism is my strong point and not my choice.


  11. The question to people of British Columbia: Do you want this for your province?


    So much at stake. At what cost? Not worth it.



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