Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Ian Reid cleverly captures the question to be answered about BC Rail:
"Why did the BC Liberals want to shut the trial down? What were they so afraid of that they would compromise the civil service, the administration of justice and maybe even the law to keep it out of the public eye?

"What, in other words, were they covering up?"
Another question might ask why Vancouver Sun editorialists and numerous press gallery members, particularly the long established like Palmer, Baldrey, Leslie, Leyne and Fletcher, have participated in the cover up?

All the fussing, misdirection and obfuscation might put lipstick on this pig, but, undeniably, we are still dealing with a pig.

Blogs such as Northern Insight, The Real Story, The Gazetteer, Alex G. Tsakumis - Rebel With a Clause, Bob Mackin's 2010 Gold Rush and others are telling the real story of BC Liberal corruption. Readership of each is running at unprecedented levels; people are seeking alternatives to old line media.

As a reader who cares about truthful reporting, spread these links far and wide. Already the too comfortable commentators of the corporate media are being forced to admit their own failures. After three years of trying to ridicule and discredit bloggers, these people are revealed as faithless servants of their own readers.
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  1. Certainly the names you mentioned are a disgrace to their profession, but I also fault the official opposition for not making more noise about the crimes committed by the members opposite. They are in the perfect position to fight back but instead remain strangely silent.

  2. Thanks Norm. Today I was just so angry when I read the editorial, my bit wrote itself.

  3. From his perch in Honduras, Paul Willcocks is writing far superior commentary on his blog Paying Attention, than most of the MSM located in downtown Victoria and Vancouver. http://willcocks.blogspot.ca/2012/05/liberals-and-point-of-no-return.html

    1. Agreed. He's not only a fine writer (married to another excellent journalist too) but also a highly principled individual. Glad that his voice is not lost to us while he pursues his current adventure.

  4. G. Barry StewartMay 9, 2012 at 6:45 AM

    I must say, that is one fine looking pig. LOL!

    I certainly have been spreading the news about the above blogs. Thanks to all the principals for their very useful efforts.
    Thanks to the commenters, too. They add a lot of value to the threads.

    I do wish that "anonymous" wasn't allowed as a tag line. It's hard to keep people straight when they don't use a name or nickname.

  5. The "news" organization that has done MORE than any other to keep the BCR story quiet for ten years . . . is our CBC!

    1. CBC is the worst. It is outrageous that we fund a 'public' media that is no different than the corporate media with its pro-liberal bias. Gone are the days when this was a valuable public service.

    2. I agree. CBC is terrible, loaded with nothing but lefties. Guys like Kevin O'leary and Don Cherry are not allowed to speak their minds, they're forced to parrot Marxist doctrines that lefties want to ram down our throats.

  6. Some pig! Reminds me of the mug shot of an MLA in the news today who was saying the BC Conservative may have "delusions of grandeur". Don't think the MLA had lip stick on though!



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