Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Message to Adrian Dix and all opposition MLA's

I repeat the comment by scotty on Denman left this afternoon at BC Liberal closing out sale. It deserves to be featured and we must demand that Adrian Dix, John Horgan and every NDP opposition member, as well as independents Bob Simpson, John Van Dongen and Vicki Huntingdon, stand in the Legislature and give notice to those who are rushing to pillage the province's public assets before the BC Liberal Party is buried once and for all.
"I totally agree that it's important to stand up and say all sales of public assets will be reversed immediately upon the change in government. Keep it simple. Just stand up in the Assembly and say it in no uncertain terms. Repeat it. Let the reactionaries react. Let them do it in public.

"The public don't need reminding why these fire-sales of public assets need to be stopped; it is understood. It needs to be said, in words, in the Assembly and everywhere. The reactionaries may remain aloof or they may howl and whine but their privateering accomplices will get the fear in 'em, for sure.

"They may demand details. Keep it simple. Here's an example: if a public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail concludes there was corruption, the sale will be nullified. Let the BC Liberal government ridicule, rave and rant like a tiger in a tar-pit. Let 'em.

"There. Just say it.

"The end days are here for this corrupt government. Flies are swarming the ointment. Wrenches are grinding into the gears. Fraternities of mutual complicity are breaking just ahead of the rout. Hitherto beneficiaries of BC Liberal ideological largesse will surely be contemplating the serial numbers on ill-gotten loot and the threat that any hint of impropriety in last-minute sell-offs may render the asset more trouble than it's worth. Hitherto coerced bureaucrats will eschew culpability without fear of reprisal. At some point they'll be able to stop shady transactions dead, some point very soon if the policy is stated simply and clearly.

"Just say it out loud in words: the day the BC Liberals are bounced from office, all Independent Power Projects (The cushy, BC Hydro-bankrupting contracts that allow their insider friends to parasitize the public coffers) will be suspended pending a review of public interest and possible annulment. Let the profiteers roar and gnash and threaten legal action. Let 'em. An election is coming.

"Go ahead, just say it."
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  1. Bravo, Scotty! I'm writing to my MLA right now with this request. No to this fire sale!

  2. Hear Hear! Write your MLA's now. Stop the fire sale!

  3. We do want our BCR back, our rivers back, our forced HST reversed right now. We want everything back, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper thieved from BC and the people.

    Christy thinks, she should change the name of the party. To what? The Northern foundation Party? Changing the names means squat. The same old people will still be there with their litany of, dirty tactics, dirty politics, lies, deceit and corruption. Just because the traitor Campbell, was hustled out of the country, does not mean we have forgotten his evil treachery. We forget nothing!!!!

  4. I couldn't agree with anything more!! Circumstances require affirmative action with strong hand and meaning. I would even volunteer to deliver this message for them in the house if that were at all possible.
    There should also be an immediate moretorium on the smart meter program and it's 'bypassing' of the utilities commission. There should be an immediate halt to 'further' run of river contracts until those contracts in existence can be examined. It should also be screamed from the rooftop for the materials required by
    John Doyle to be handed over immediately.
    None of the above should be a request but demmanded on behalf of the people of this province! Enough is enough!

  5. Intellectual TerroristMay 8, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    This comment by Scotty has given me the hope that everything might be alright when all is said and done. It's not going to be easy, but it might be possible to undo this corporate screw job.

    However, I still stand by my view that the Fiberals need to be booted out of power NOW...not May 2013.

    1. I've written to my MLA today as well. A Liberal.

  6. I will forward scotty's comments to my MLA and to to the opposition critics for finance and mines and resources......I couldn't say it better. My sentiments exactly. IPP contracts in particular....they getting signed in the midst of all the dillydallying....or is it the opposition party brass that needs the note?

  7. Yes, Adrian Dix and the NDP will get my vote in a LONG overdue effort to clean house but not because of anything they've said or done. They've said little and promised nothing. Joy and Jenny were a more formidable and principled opposition than Carole James and Adrian Dix have been BUT we must start here. The system needs to change more than the players. This is what the bloggers and citizens need to focus on. The MSM will attack the NDP mercilessly so that they step down for absolutely nothing like the previous NDP premiers SO it's the entire fraudulent system that must be remade.

    1. Anon 7:19 PM, I agree with you on pretty much every point. Especially about how the system has to change. One qualification though. Some of the players have to go as well. With the exception of Horgan, and a couple other bright lights, most of the NDP are callow hacks who simply utter promises as sly as their Liberal counterparts. One such MLA is Leonard Krog. He does nothing between his occasional pontificating grandstand turns in the Leg or before the cameras. Another weasel wordsmith.

  8. Amen to that. This process has the appearance of going down the same way the sale of BCR went - give the preferential bidder the inside track (sole bid) and then sell the asset cheap. So typical of this group!

  9. Excellent comment by Scotty !!! The NDP would be elected for life if they took thaqt stand and stuck to it. If Carole James had stood up to the HST when she had the chance, she would still be leader of the NDP. Learn from history Mr. Dix, take a bold stand and follow through.

  10. Right on the money...Great comment Scotty!

    To all those in the NDP...put a stop to this nonsense once and for all!

    Do and use whatever legal means it takes, to prevent the further theft, of taxpayer assets and resources!

    Make it very clear, that a review of "all sales that this government has engaged in", over the past 11 years will be audited, and reversed by an "order in council", should the sale be deemed, "not" in the public intrest. We the taxpayer have the right, to ensure that our collective assets are maintained and enhanced over the long term. If the asset is deemed "not profitable" or "in the best intrest of the taxpayer as a whole" then a review and audit would verify that. Only then would "all parites and the taxpayers", make an "informed decision" as to a sale.

    This present government, has stripped the taxpayers of this province, of enough wealth!

  11. We live in an era, where politicians believe they can do what they they damn well please without any repercussion. Our political elites have made the mainstream media subservient to their needs and wishes, in their efforts of enriching political supporters and cronies, politcal plums and under the table deals.

    The NDP opposition must also be blamed, as the Liberals learned from NDP tactics of the 1990's and they learned their lessons well. The NDP, under Carole what's her name, did nothing but shrilly spout party rhetoric, to the point of nauseousness.

    Here is what Adrian Dix must do:

    1) Order an criminal inquiry into the BC Rail scandal.
    2) Announce an overhaul of political donations on both the provincial and civic levels.
    3) Ban lobbyists (isn't that what we elect our MLA's for?) and any government member found taking monies for votes be liable for prosecution with a minimum of 10 years in jail. Do the same for civic politics.
    4) Order a Criminal investigation of the BC Liberal Party and it's members.
    5) Order the Auditor General to audit, TransLink, BC Hydro, BC Lottery Corp., and all crown corporations.

    If Dix wants my vote, he has to do this.

  12. As much as I totally agree with the sentiments of the article and the comments above,I fear that the gutless NDP will stand up for nothing. One way or another they will screw up, not take a stand for the people of BC and eventually lose the next election to the usual gang of thieves.

    I speak as one who was once a Young CCFer, was a member of the party for some 30 years and finally gave up in disgust at the disorganization and general lack of backbone of the Party leadership and the useless flunkys that are employed to run the machine and give pertinent advice.
    I see no change, as much as I had hopes for Mr. Dix. If anyone thinks that the NDP leadership will stand up and tell the province that the good old days of giving our assets to the friends of the BC Liberals are over that person is in for some serious disappointment.

    Face it. The BC NDP has no vision and has no backbone. They are simply sitting like cats under a birds nest, waiting for a feast to fall into their mouths. They do nothing and stand for nothing. So very sad, and I wonder why I gave them so many of my dollars and efforts for all those years.

    1. Kool-aid, kool-aid, tastes great...

  13. I kind of have to agree with Lorne. I am a little unsure of the current group. I've been around long enough to have some knowledge of a few and quite honestly, I don't have that confidence in those few. My personal preference was to see Horgan over Dix also.

    Although more than likely I will end up voting NDP, if it turns out I have a Strong, Independent candidate along the lines of Vicky Huntingdon!! (Excellent MLA who stands up for her CITIZENS) they would probably get my vote as long as they are in NO way tied to the lieberals or conservative parties.

    The NDP should be laying it out, not pussy footing around and take the current government to task NOW, and should have been all along.

    Time will tell.

  14. To Lorne above, if you want the NDP to have certain policies, then get involved. Don't sit on the sidelines.

    To check out the NDP's ideas on the environment check out this site:


    1. Get involved??? Just try to elbow your way anywhere near them. The old guard are fiercely protecting their "rights" to call the shots. Union leaders, etc. Same old problem, pigs at the trough. Just different pigs. We need to do away with political parties and elect independents who represent only their constituents and not some shadowy vested interests.

    2. You don't know what you're talking about. Who is this "old guard?" Which union leaders and etc? C'mon, be specific. Have you made an effort to get involved, or has your effort only included writing comments on blogs? Take a position on your local constituency association and spend some time affecting change, instead of complaining.

    3. cherylb, I have made considerable efforts to affect change through the NDP to no avail, both at the local level and at the provincial level. That's what my remarks were about, my experience doing specifically what you are accusing me of not doing. I've spent years trying to affect change in very real, practical ways, in areas like health care and the environment especially. So I feel my opinion is valid, and I don't appreciate your remarks. They are bullying, similar to what I observed in too many pockets of the NDP ranks. And, I'm a lifelong BC NDP voter so I feel I have some right to express my opinions without being attacked like this. Why is it necessary for the NDP to be just as bullying as the Lib/Cons?

    4. The B.C. NDP Opposition caucus formally registered opposition to Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project. “Under the Enbridge proposal, British Columbia would assume almost all the project’s risk, yet would see only a fraction of the benefits,” said New Democrat leader Adrian Dix. “By any measure, such a high-risk, low-return approach simply isn’t in B.C.’s interests."

      The 100 unanswered questions on B.C. Rail Corruption Scandal found here do not represent pussy footing.

      Adrian Dix promises public inquiry into Basi-Virk/BC Legislature Raid case

      Pussy footing?

    5. Norm, I really don't want to get into a " I said, you said" argument on this, but publishing some sort of position paper and really following up are two very different things. The NDP seem very good at the talk, but then bury it all in bafflegab that only the party insiders can decypher, or even care about. The rest of us, including this ex-member recognize it for what itis, make work for the party bureaucrats and insiders.

      Some posters have suggested that I, and others, should quit whining and get involved. I, for one, have and found that any involvement at the local level, where we can get members elected, is overridden by the know - it - alls in the Burnaby headquarters. I won't go into the details of what drove me from the Party. However, the end result, during the 2005 election was the defeat of a very well qualified, young and principled NDP candidate, allowing the BC Liberal (ex-Socred) to continue his nefarious hold on the constituency.

      To be a member of the NDP is to be inundated by endless letters asking for money. Not ideas or involvement, just money. I would suggest that this allows the stultified " leadership" in Vancouver/Burnaby to continue on their incompetent ways, which seem to include finding new and innovative means for losing elections.

      Is this a rant? Of course. As a former long time member, I feel I'm entitled to let off steam from time to time, and thank you, Norman, for putting up with me.

    6. A person with long experience in one party told me that he felt empowered when he ceased being an insider because he gained freedom to talk openly about any subject he wished. No constraints or political correctness was imposed by the group. However, It is the reality of party politics that individualism is not always welcome.

      I too enjoy independent thought. This blog is resolutely opposed to BC Liberals because I judge that party to be thoroughly corrupt. However,I expect to judge the future Dix government by similar standards. Every government should have its feet held to the fire and I expect to be around long enough to to warm a few toes for years to come. I hope you also stay involved and continue to criticize the failings you recognize. They'll be better off if they listen.

      I suggest you simply carry on doing what you're doing. By the way, don't let the appeals for money offend you too much. We're far better off with parties that raise money in small pieces than doing as the Liberals do by selling themselves to a handful of people able to write very large cheques.

  15. In Canada, politicians who lie and cheat to win is acceptable. In all my years, never have I seen a worse P.M. than Harper.

    Gordon Campbell twice lied to be re-elected. The BCR wasn't for sale and the HST wasn't on his radar.

    We now know, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper. The BC Conservatives support Harper on the Enbridge pipeline. The outrageous lies from Enbridge, are absolutely obscene.

    Harper and his Conservatives, the Campbell/Clark BC liberals, have been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty politics, dirty tactics and all of them, are willing to cheat to win.

    So what's to be done? This has been going on for years now, and it looks like this will continue to go on. Nothing short of a revolution, will stop those criminal politicians. All of them deserve prison.

  16. scotty on DenmanMay 10, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    Thank you, Norm, for reiterating my comments; I think it's important and I'm heartened to hear others do, too.

    Complacency could threaten getting out the votes needed to oust this corrupt government, especially with the NDP riding so high in the polls. But it's more than just getting out the votes. Have we crossed the proverbial Rubicon yet?
    If we have, and there's no way for the BC Liberals to win, we must be alert to what may turn out to be a scorched-earth and pillaging retreat. And the time to do that is probably now.

    Another nettlesome problem in addition to the dangers of complacency and of pillaging is the uncomfortable fact that plenty of shocking and unfortunate revelations will be made starting the day the BC Liberals are bounced and we finally get a (forensic) look at the books. This is not the positive news approach Adrian Dix has been professing lately. Can't really blame him: it's hard to attract support with ominously bad news. That's up to him to find the balance. It's been noted many times by now that Dix won the leadership partly on his no-more-Mr-Niceguy contrast to his predecessor who, completely aside from her otherwise sterling qualities, was perceived as not being aggressive enough.

    I'm hoping Dix is not keeping his powder dry on principle alone, but because the BC Liberals are currently doing such a great job of doing themselves in ( why interrupt them?) I'm counting on him to land the good punches when he thinks the timing's just right. It seems to me, though, the issue of last minute pillaging by these exiting scoundrels is important enough to get in some well-placed jabs right now. We can pick it up and keep it familiar from here on, at work, around the kitchen table, at the local watering hole, ice-rink or ball diamond.

    STOP THE PILLAGING! BOUNCE THIS GOVERNMENT! REPAIR THE DAMAGE! ....I know, not much of a slogan, is it?
    Yet we know these issues are far too important to distill into mere slogans. We don't need 'em. We got intelligent, cogent conversation to get us through these nettlesome and difficult tasks ahead.

    Just have to start talking about it and keep it rollin'.

  17. I sympathize with CherylB but agree with Lorne, the NDP have been wussies ever since they grew a bigger caucus than just Joy and Jenny. Leonard Krog in the Justice critic role has been particularly pathetic, with criminal activity going on daily, hourly, by the effing minute and he can't even answer a letter.

  18. Yes, I agree too. I will vote for the NDP to clean house of the obvious and unchecked corruption that plagues us but I can't think of a single thing that the NDP really stands for. Their ties to Sahota and Sinclair frighten me because they are all talk, no action for the most vulnerable. Carole James was great during the election (except for not challenging Campbell's reprehensible character traits) but was asleep in the Legislature. I'm forever grateful that Jenny Kwan had the backbone and integrity to wake the NDP from its slumber or Christy, however despicable, would be assured another four years. Christy is Dix's ticket. He is sure to win just because he is not Christy, a corrupt BC Liberal, or a passive Carole James. What he stands for and how long he can lead without platform or policy is the question. Not being purely evil and neo-liberal is good enough for me but I know that many others will expect more.

  19. My rather limited contact with Adrian Dix, before the leadership race, suggest he is a thoughtful person with a clear agenda to reverse the worst aspects of the past decade. However, I do hope he intends to limit his political involvement to about six years of government. The records of Gordon Campbell and others demonstrate that too long in power leads to staleness and corruption.

    Certainly, the NDP of 2012 is far different from two decades ago, It still has old doctrinaire socialists and trade unionists but under Dix and the present provincial leadership, it is a party attuned to the vast middle ground of citizens. In contrast, the Liberals are the voice of plutocrats and influence peddlers.


  20. I to believe the NDP have come much closer to the middle.

    They do need to be a little more forceful though - tell us where you stand, that in itself, will make Cristy look like an even bigger fool.

    The LIEberals only have a year left to try and destroy Hydro. Always their dream, to sell out our once proud crown jewell. They tried in 2002. So now the plan seems to break it, turn the public against Hydro, then sell it for a huge chunk of cash - then use that to buy all our votes.........

    It wont work and we'll be left, again, holding the bag (whilst they get paid handsomely for trying....).



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