Friday, May 25, 2012

Full cooperation with the law

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  1. Good for them, the time is now for civil dissidence and outright anarchy. When you have corrupt governments, the law only applies to enemies of the government.

    Time to tell our corrupt politicians that they have reaped from what they have sown.

  2. Subversion from within...the worst kind of threat to any democracy. We in this country do not have enough anti-corruption legislation in place, in order to deal with this assault on our democracy. The word "politics" is bantered about in many forms. In it's present incarnation, the word seems to be a cach all phrase, indicating "some thing done by others", that the taxpayer and electorate have less and less influence in. Is "subversion of the taxper and electorate part of those "things done by others"?
    You bet it is. Time to start jailing the "truly corrupt" in this country...the corrupt politicians!

  3. Catherine the Great -

    "When the people revolt, I fire my generals."



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