Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evildoers prefer secrets stay secret

Sins of colonialists lay concealed for decades in secret archive, Ian Cobain and Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, Apr. 18, 2012
"In June 1957, Eric Griffiths-Jones, the attorney general of the British administration in Kenya, wrote to the governor, Sir Evelyn Baring, detailing the way the regime of abuse at the colony's detention camps was being subtly altered.

"From now on, Griffiths-Jones wrote, for the abuse to remain legal, Mau Mau suspects must be beaten mainly on their upper body, 'vulnerable parts of the body should not be struck, particularly the spleen, liver or kidneys', and it was important that 'those who administer violence … should remain collected, balanced and dispassionate'.

"Almost as an after-thought, the attorney general reminded the governor of the need for complete secrecy. 'If we are going to sin,' he wrote, 'we must sin quietly.'

"More than 50 years later, with the imperial endgame long over, evidence of those sins remained quietly concealed in a secret archive within one of the British government's most secure facilities. Set deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside and surrounded by 16ft-high fences topped with razor wire, lies Hanslope Park, home of Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre..."
Some Bay of Pigs history to remain secret, Mimi Whitefield, The Miami Herald
"A federal judge has ruled that the last volume in a CIA history of the Bay of Pigs invasion that was written more than 30 years ago and 51 years after the ill-fated Cuban mission should remain secret.

"...The CIA successfully showed release of Volume V “would harm the deliberative process,” making it exempt from disclosure under FOIA, Kessler said in her opinion.

“'The idea that the CIA can advance the cause of accurate historical analysis by hiding history from the peer review of the public is preposterous,' said Peter Kornbluh, director of the National Security Archive’s Cuba Documentation Project."
"Children love secret club houses. They love secrecy even when there's no need for secrecy." - Donna Tartt
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