Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coverup defines Conservative Party character

If you surmise the sum of two plus two is four, you'll be quite certain of the result, even if no independent authority confirms it. So too with Canada's election robocall and voter suppression scandal.

First, Canada's Conservatives claimed ignorance and innocence.
“I have absolutely no knowledge of who made such calls or how and why they were made,” said Gueph candidate Marty Burke. “I do not believe there is any connection between these calls and any member of our hard-working, dedicated campaign team.
Then Conservatives claimed that a single young election worker was responsible.
Peter MacKay goes fishing
“I think they’ve identified the individual that was involved in this,” Peter MacKay told CBC News, without specifically referring to Mr. Sona. “That individual is no longer in the employment of the party.”
Then Conservatives began to lawyer up.
"[Elections Canada investigator Al] Mathews interviewed Prescott in February about his use of RackNine for voter contact calls, and they were scheduled to have an interview on March 8, but the day before, Prescott’s lawyer cancelled the meeting."
"In both instances where fellow Conservative staffers informed Elections Canada of Mr. Sona’s discussion about misleading calls, the Tories recounting the alleged conversations were accompanied by party lawyer Arthur Hamilton."
Guelph Tory campaign staffers discussed misleading robo-calls, Stephen Chase, Daniel Leblanc, Carys Mills, The Globe and Mail, May 4, 2012
Marty Burke & Michael Sona
Staffers at the 2011 Conservative campaign in Guelph discussed making misleading calls to voters, Elections Canada reports in new court filings on the robo-calls scandal.

At the same time, the computer that robo-calls fraudster “Pierre Poutine” used to arrange misleading calls to voters is the same one used by a Guelph Conservative campaign staffer to order legitimate dialing campaigns, federal election investigators believe...

The documents offer new evidence linking this local Tory campaign to thousands of fraudulent robo-calls sent by someone hiding behind the now-notorious alias – a ploy that directed non-Conservative voters to the wrong Guelph polling station on election day..."
Robo-call complaints received from about 200 ridings: Elections Canada, Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail, Mar 29, 2012
Poutine Prescott & Stephen Harper
"Canada’s chief electoral officer is rejecting any attempts to play down the extent of the voter-suppression tactics in the last election, expressing his outrage for the first time in public about fraudulent robo-calls made in the name of his impartial organization...

"...Elections Canada has received complaints about phone fraud in the last election in about 200 ridings in 10 provinces and one territory. Mr. Mayrand said the complaints “cut pretty much across the whole country.”

It was the first indication from Elections Canada about the breadth of the complaints of automated and live calls that aimed to disrupt last year’s general election..."
High noon is approaching, The Exile of Ennui, May 5, 2012
"You know, the moment is fast approaching where the evidence will be conclusive enough that there will be no doubt the Conservative Party of Canada engaged in wide-spread, coordinated election fraud. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that strategy of cheating changed the results of the election. When that moment arrives, based on past behaviour, the Conservative Party will shrug its shoulders and say "so what. Whatcha going to do about it?"

"And Canadians, all Canadians, will have to make that choice on what they're going to do about it. Doing nothing is also a choice. One with repercussions.

"This moment is coming.

"It's coming faster than you think..."

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  1. And yet Canadians yan and do nothing. No mass uprising. We are so complacent that we are complicit in this abomination.
    Good luck Canada. Stick your heads back where the sun don't shine.

  2. Yes, the "ostrich syndrome". Most people have become apathetic in the extreme, over the political mess, in this country. Without a severe public backlash, and use of a political enquiry or Elections Canada launching a court challenge, to the validity of the last election, nothing will be done about this.
    It seems that the "Americanization" of our political system, will continue without interuption.

    Will the Liberals and NDP put up a fight? Yes, but only if it will benefit them, in the long run. Short term gain out of this would accomplish nothing. Only a large public denunciation of this issue, will make them "intrested"

    We really do have to "take back" our political system. If the average person does not realize that by not being involved, you essentially grant them the freedom to continue these and other "tactics" to undermine your rights, you will get just that.

    Canada is "morphing", into a "psudo-american style", state. Governments are not always right, they only work to their agenda, and only serve the populace as a whole, when it is expedient to do so.

    Get out and get involved. Question "them" at every turn. Make your voice heard.

  3. What a corrupt bunch the CONServatives are. My, don't they mimic the LIbERalS of BC. We are slowly allowing our democratic system to be corrupted by the elite.

  4. If you are of an intelligence level that actually LISTENS to a mechanical, unsolicited message................should you actually be permitted to vote?

    Apparently the answer is yes.

    People, we can solve this problem ourselves -- IGNORE THOSE CALLS!

  5. Perhaps some complaints sent to the United Kingdom may get some interest.

    I doubt very much that the apparently corrupt 2011 elections in Canad, will be tolerated.

    It would be a worthy news item on how "CORRUPT" the Canadian Conservative governemt led by Stephen Harper, appears to be. Well worth a doing in my opinion (for what it is worth).

    Thank you.

  6. They are trying to blame a young Conservative staffer for the robo-calls. Even the U.S. said, this was a highly sophisticated scam. Far too complicated for that young staffer to pull off. All the roads of the election fraud, lead right straight to Harper and his Conservatives. They belong in prison. Half of Canadians didn't want Harper as P.M. Now 2/3 of Canadians want Harper gone. Harper has to be forced to resign. This is the sleaziest crime in Canadian history,along with Harper's good friend, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Harper is purposely destroying democracy. He is purposely taking our Civil Rights and Liberties away from us too.

    The election isn't valid and Harper can not be P.M.

  7. Why is it all these pasty faced Prescott and Sona types look like Hitler youth members.??


  8. Anon @8:36, this was a rhetorical question, right? I mean if you've seen one fascist, you've seen 'em all, though they do look most adorable to me hanging around gas-stations upside down!

  9. Intellectual TerroristMay 6, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    Why is it that in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, people are willing to put their lives on the line for the hope of democratic change; while in Canada, we just rabble, accept it, and move on in our shallow little lives?

    For anyone with relatives who fought (and possibly died) in the two World Wars to preserve the hallmarks of democracy and freedom should be ashamed. People should be at 24 Sussex Drive with their pitchforks and hockey sticks demanding an immediate and transparent public inquiry. If we don't get one, Stephen Harper should resign immediately.

  10. Very sad state of democracy in Canada with Harper and in BC with Clark. One is in power due to Robogate and the other due to stolen PINS (allegedly; ahem). The same roguish party that 'perogied' Parliament to avoid a valid vote of non-confidence has now 'poutined' Parliament too. Anything to stay in power. Like Clark, Harper is deceitful and desperate. Our democracy is a complete sham.

  11. What Harper & his conservatives did is a crime. That the people of Canada are letting it go by is a greater crime.

    Given the types of legislation the conservatives are trying to pass I would not be surprized if we don't have an election, as required by law when it is due to happen. Harper & his conservatives have proven they are nothing more than thugs & facists.

    We need to take a lesson from the Quebec students & start demonstrating night after night. Of course we know why the conservatives want to ban masks at demos, want to listen in on our conversations without a warrant, want more prisons, etc. That is what harper wants to deal with "dissenters". He obviously took a few pages from Gadafhi's books. Maybe harper can get the same deal on the prisons Libya built, well it was a Canadian company.



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