Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be cautious of demon inspired thinkers

For those who would be devout except it's so difficult, Stephen Colbert updates advice from the leader of an ancient group that threatened to hijack their nation's regulatory system to achieve a radical ideological agenda:
"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. And hide in the Caymans what is the Caymans'."
Colbert, a religious man of the very modern sort, bravely provides this wording despite opposition to new translations by traditionalists like Pastor David Williams of the Bay Area Baptist Church. Pastor Dave sees 'New Age Bible' Versions as:
"the work of Satan, Demons, drunks, necromancers, channelers, ghost followers, Nazi staff members, Lucifer worshipers, Plato, Origin, Philo, and many other NEW AGE (demon inspired) thinkers who want nothing more than to bring in a One World Government under a New World Order, with the Anti-Christ as the ruler of the world, and Marxism as the world political system.
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  1. The reverend's vision would provide a great new job for Christy Clunk.


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