Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrub, scrub, scrub

TRIUMF, located at the University of BC, is a laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research and related sciences. It is funded in part by the Government of British Columbia.

In addition to directing TRIUMF, Nigel Lockyer is a professor at UBC's Department of Physics and Astronomy.

So, why is it appropriate for the BC Liberal Party to be taking political donations from TRIUMF, a taxpayer supported facility? Wouldn't that almost $2,000 be better spent on doing non-political nuclear and particle physics research? Did TRIUMF even have a choice?

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  1. $3,370.00 2009 to 2011 for Triumf


    Looks like there should be more than ONE Director

  2. First Wilf Hurd and SFU, and now this... corruption,corruption,corruption!

  3. TRIUMF is not just supported by BC gov, but as well Alberta and Sask. governments if my recall is correct. So does this mean that political contributions are coming from outside BC, say the Harper backing Heritage stick tank.

  4. I hate auto correct, I meant to type 'stink' not stick'

  5. I believe that Triumh is donating to the BC Liberals to protect themselves, If they do this then they might get a grant to keep doing research.



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