Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Premier Photo-Op and friends

The candidates here holding Christy Clark erect represent two of the primary supports relied on by Patrick Kinsella's creation and her BC Liberals. Dennis Marsden is a former President of the Chamber of Commerce and Laurie Throness represents the right wing fundamentalist segment of the Harper Government - the paradise pavers.

These two men want to join Premier Photo Op's government. We should wonder why.

To correct its course or put their own fingers into the public's pot of gold?

I wonder if they intend to represent all citizens of the constituencies that might elect them or would they be surrogates for land developers aiming to convert farmland to industrial and promoters of foreign owned pipeline companies, multi-national mining consortia and New York investors who see BC Hydro as a monopoly still with parts to pick.

They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
Then they charged the people
A dollar and a half just to see 'em
Don't it always seem to go,
That you don't know what you've got
'Til it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

- Joni Mitchell, video:
Big Yellow Taxi
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  1. This is the age of the great government ponzi scheme, where government is seen as a vehicle to divert public monies to friends of the government. Today, right wing politics (if one can call it that)is a pseudo religious affair, where god has ordained profit at any price.

    The taxpayer, especially in the middle class, are seen merely as serfs and rubes to provide more and more tax money to pay to an ever more greedier central government do it can give more and more money to its friends and cronies.

    Right wing/Conservative politics is the new kinder and gentler Corporatist/Nazi politics of almost a century ago.

    The politics of greed are the same; the politics of power at any or all costs are the same; the smugness of the politicians are the same; it is Corporatist/Nazi politics rebranded.

    Beware of the Liberals; beware of Harper and his gang of thugs as they are the epitome of pure evil and the public who vote for them, their morals are no better than the German voters of the 1920's and 30's.

  2. Read Alex Tsakumis and see that Pamela Martin was campaiging on public purse time for both Chilliwack and Port Moody. How fair is that?

    1. Interesting that bible college graduate Throness apparently missed at least some of the parts about ethical behaviour. Using public servants as campaigners amounts to fraudulent conversion or theft.

      But then, so does Clark's employment of Ms. Botox.

  3. Its time the "sheeple" put a stop to this nonsense! Bury these clowns in the next election...then start jailing them, for the crimes they have "alledgedly" committed. I am sure once the trials and investigations are under way, the "song birds" will be singing, to save their own hides. Class action lawsuits against political parties and former ministers? A distinct possibility. Criminal bet.

  4. We as Canadians need to stand up and speak out and defend what is ours and protect it! Our elected representatives (and they are only that) need to represent us, but that is not happening. We at Pacific South Western Advocates (PSWA CANADA) in Victoria British Columbia dropped our letter off to Ida Chong's Office yesterday (as she is in our riding) on the 30th Anniversay of Canada's Charter to get her Office to take ACTION on Victoria police departments inaction regarding our BC Police Act Complaint of March 31, 2010, regarding Charter Rights violations when police refuse capable detained citizens (who are being treated as mentally ill) their Charter Rights sec. 10 call to lawyer to check the vailidity of their detention when arrested/detained/apprehended by police under B.C's MHA sec.28(1). Criminals get this Right to call a lawyer, so Victoria police appear to be disciminating against the mentally and or those being treated as such when Charter call denied!

    Two years with no resolution. The issue of Rights refusal by police against MHA sec.28(1) detainees needs to end. Policy needs to be amended for all of British Columbia, to protect everyone's Rights, or eliminate the Charter call to criminals. Citizens who are capable who are being held against their will may be taking up a bed for those who are incapable and need mental health intervention. "You can remain quiet and be part of the problem, or speak up and be part of the solution".



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