Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A new new name?

A twit from Victoria reports:

I thought they'd already changed. It is the BC Christy party now, according to the LINO website.

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  1. Socred hasn`t been used for a while.

  2. Well if they merge with the BC Conservatives, I'm partial to the Conservative-Liberal Alliance Party.

    1. Here's a name that better describes them: Christy Clark's Corporate Cartel Coalition.

  3. This was used on Chuck Strahl's full-page ads, supporting the Liberals in the recent byelection in Chilliwack. It looked ridiculous. Why would they use the least valuable asset of the party to promote themselves?

  4. A change of name is not going to save them.
    Not even if they Dump BC Christy can the Libs or whatever they are called get re-elected

  5. Like putting lipstick on a pig or trying to teach a pig to sing...makes one look like a fool, and annoys the hell out of the pig!

    More "stupidity", from people who have given a whole new meaning, to the word!



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