Thursday, April 12, 2012

A must-read piece

at The Gazetteer where one of RossK's readers tells an interesting story about PostMedia. It includes this:
"...[In the robocall-fest] I would argue that the heavy lifting was still done by the blogosphere, including you and many of those in your own circle. But I think there is still a rescue-able body of journalists left should the MSM, or any portion of it, come under new ownership that actually understands it own product, readership and social contract -- something that Postmedia fails entirely to do..."

Postmedia...Is Somethin' Happenin' There?
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  1. Stop buying the damn papers, turn off the TV news and shut off CKNW. Take note of what so many of us have been saying for a long time don't buy their products. In your newer article about the job creators being those that buy the products, seems to me that 'not buying the products' of the media might just serve us all well.



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