Saturday, April 7, 2012

Low in approval but high in cash

BCL source and NDP source

Although BC Liberals report $3.1 million donations from individuals, much of that sum is given by people with specific business interests. Below, I list individual Liberal donors of more than $4,000 in 2011 along with business associations of these people.

This is important because voters should know who is exercising influence over their elected representatives.

In my view, reporting of political donations could be much improved. Most corporations are not required to report names of principsl owners and individuals are not required to report the names of corporations where they serve as directors, officers or controlling shareholders.

From the BC Liberal list of individual donors, 2011:

From the NDP list of individual donors, 2011:

Readers are invited to add or correct associations.
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  1. Your graphical representation is the simplest one I've seen clearly shows at a glance what is happening.....true apples and apples.

  2. Surprised not to see any connection for John S. Major who is also a major donor in Prince George local politics. For the 2011 civic election his personal donations along with donations through his company (Treasure Cove Casino) totaled over 15 000. In 2008 The Tyee ( noted this about Major

    "Six years ago, Major -- who is also the operator of the Treasure Cove Casino -- made headlines in the Prince George Citizen after making the biggest individual contribution to the Liberals in 2001 -- contributing $58,055."

  3. Hey you didn't mention the anons, you know all that American money. After all we have resources to plunder, and renewable, ( so say the ads for clean gas ) energy to frack. I say it is time to tell them all to get the frack out of our province.

  4. Thanks for the info on John Major. As usual, Sean Holman, even though he is doing other day to day work is still a fine contributor to the pool of political information available to us. It's worth noting that MSM didn't have any information on Major but The Tyee did have it.

    We'll be looking at the big corporate donors soon as well. We desperately need reform of political financing if we want decisions made on merit instead of according to influence purchased by vested interests.

  5. Excuse me but hasn't money used as influence been around since the inception of government? Just like hypocrisy, mistruths and lack of transparency.
    Donations to political parties should be limited to no more than $100 per month from individuals. That way we win twice, one with this influence peddling under control and also there wont be enough money for all those lying, rotten advertising campaigns.

  6. This isn't a democracy in BC it's a hypocracy!

  7. It's disturbing to see the number of donations from lobbyists on this list. It's the same old "you scratch my back, and I'll give you what you want later."


    I've also decided that I will boycott any business I feel is overreaching their bounds with political donations. I guess that means no Mozza Burgers for me. My waistline can thank me later.

  8. Agreed..I let Ben Stewart know I wouldn't be buying Quail's Gate wines until Basi-Virk inquiry is held.

    I'm under no illusions that it will make a difference, but one must try.

    1. When I post the list of big corporate donors to BC's political parties, I suspect we'll be able to choose many more brands to boycott.

      For example, while Brandt Louis and the Louis family supports the Fraser Institute, I won't be shopping at London Drugs or IGA Canada.

  9. Only a lousy four grand from Mr Ruin of River himself Donald McInnes.That is chump change. He owes the BC Libs big time when you look at the present value of the intermittent power BC Hydro is obliged to buy from his company.

  10. Why would McInnes contribute more now? He already paid up and "got what he was looking for".

  11. Only four grand from him, but look at this search at elections BC for his company:



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